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Found 24 results

  1. smitay

    which printer?

    Let me start by telling everyone my plans for this post. I work for a local union an if you don't know we have stickers. Plenty of stickers on our hard hats/ lunchboxes. My plane was to buy a decently priced printer print a few designs in need hopefully get bigger with it to fulfill more orders withing the local union trades. Most of the stickers on lunchboxes and on hard hats do fade with time working outside all the time or hats being tossed around so fading isn't much of an issue. I'm fine with printing them laminating and sending it through the cutter. I don't see myself doing tons of batches all at once. Kind of if you need them I'll get them so I belive solvent based printers will be out because I won't be doing a 24/7 operation. More of a nightime/ weekend warrior side hustle kind of thing. Which printer would best fit my needs? I've been checking some Epson models out but figure this forum would steer me in the correct direction. Thank you for the advice
  2. Hi guys, I can't decide between the MH series and the SC2(contour cutting feature, don't know how important this plan to use it mainly for decals and some cardstock. Other question is to get 28" or 34"? Thanks in advance for all the imputs that you can provide me!
  3. Freaks34

    New to vinyl

    Just started working with vinyl. I'm looking for a vinyl to use in car windows for decals and such. Would like it to be printable vinyl. And maybe even transparent from inside so driver can see through the decal. Is there any such thing?
  4. Is anyone aware of a decent wordpress or jooomla plugin that could be used for decal design? specifically looking for something similar to what the boat name websites use to design / order custom boat names? just something that allows you to pick from some fonts, and basic colors/outline etc and show a preview and then purchase it based on size. i've been looking with no luck and am surprised not to find several things. the only one i did find so far is almost too complicated and has too many features for different products.. need something simple!!!!!!! hoping maybe someone here can point me in the right direction. thanks!
  5. I've been trying to figure out how to ship smaller decals (maybe around 4" x 8") the most cost-effective way. I can't understand how eBay sellers sell any decal for $2 and include free shipping. Is there a trick to just using a stamp to cover USPS shipping? I'm confused. Ideally, I would like to make some decals during downtime to have ready to ship out as they sell just to help fill some time. I'm not even trying to wrap my head around how they are making and shipping decals from China for under a dollar! Thanks in advance
  6. Strictly Modded

    How do you get perfect decals?

    Hi, I've tried to do research on this before but I've always came up empty. I started my own custom window decal business not too long ago and I've always seen companies with perfectly cut decals and never knew how they do it. They are all identical. I've tried using a big cutting mat with a blade connected to it. (The ones you see in art rooms.) Using this they looked a lot better but they were still different sized decals. I want my decals to look as good as possible so if anyone knows how to get perfect decals that are all identical let me know! Sorry if my wording was really bad and you don't understand what I'm saying lol.
  7. So this thread is as simple as the title! Check out the review and get to see and hear the Titan 3 running.
  8. Antigua Wall Decor

    Hi from South Africa (Wall Decals Designer)

    Hi.... Just joined the forum!!! We are wall artists from SA and we're very interested in engaging in vinyl art discussions and show casing our work. Thank you.
  9. Hello, I'm in Alabama. I have been outsourcing orders for printed, contour cut, laminated decals to a great small company in GA. I havent been able to get in touch with him, so I'm not sure if he's still in business or not. His FB page isnt showing much activity and I'm not getting email responses. But I need to find someone I can outsource a current order I need pretty quickly. It will be for smaller decals ranging in size from 1 x 2 inch to 6 x 12 inch. 4 designs with 50 of each design needed. Can someone direct me to a reputable company that can handle this? THanks so much, Jeannie SouthernXtreme Signs & Shirts
  10. DecalAvenue

    First custom made decal

    Hi. This is my first 2 serious costumers, and one of them ask for a custom pikachu, meet Brad the surfer pikachu.
  11. DecalAvenue

    What cutter to buy?

    Hi. Like I say before I do decals as a hobby and have a small cutter 12", but people start asking if I do big jobs, so what 24" or bigger cutter I should buy? What brand is best?
  12. I'm all set folks - thank you all for the replies!
  13. DecalAvenue

    Hi from Florida!

    Hi everyone, Jay from DecalAvenue. We have been doing decals now for 2 month, but I always have been doing stuff "business from home" as a hobby and sure for the fun and extra cash. First was graphic designs, then websites, t-shirts, music and so on. I stop for a time because my job and my wife start all about crafts, candles, handmade neckless, clothing and yes, so on. Now are the decals and stickers. At this time we have no idea how to calculate the prices, but if we do a 5x5in decal 1 color, we ask $6, I think this cover all, right? Transfer paper, vinyl, and also shipping if we need to ship. We are doing a lot of geeks/gamers decals because we have been ask to do it and my first 2 costumers ask for catbug and pikachu, batman, and a big company that we made a few too. From this point we are getting all our costumers from friends and other costumers referrals. We are glad to be here and share with you, thats all for now, Thanks.
  14. industrial wraps

    challenger stripes

    Hi,its possible anybody have this template of dodge challenger and the camaro hood decal.thanks
  15. So I retrofit office buildings and am doing a build out currently that has a ton of glass walls and sliding glass doors that divide adjacent small offices. I am also going to be developing a few more properties soon and I know that I will save money on buying a machine that allows me to print and cut privacy strips and privacy strips with logos cut out. I would like to have many 4 foot privacy strips, some etched logos in the four foot size and then many privacy strips with etched logos in the 2 foot size. What is a good machine to start with? I obviously don't want to spend an arm and a leg but I also need something that will look professionally done, be reliable and that will keep going for a long time. Are there any specific machines, materials, etc that work best for this kind of application? Thanks all! Any help/ recommendations is greatly appreciated.
  16. rzrtrav

    Cube vehicle graphics

    Thought I would share this, the owner of this car designed this graphic. It really made the car.
  17. SteelCityAirman7

    Mathews, Mission, Under Armour

    NEVERMIND then...
  18. Bionic_

    Im Such a Newb!!

    Hey!! I'm completely new to this whole world of cutters, and I have a US Cutter Laserpoint II. I need some guidance with the SCAL Pro software (or if anyone can suggest other softwares to use with it). I've been trying to cut this "Paul Walker" quote, vinyl decal for my car, but every time i import an image and try to cut it, it's just a complete mess of overlapping cuts. Is there any way to make the image a solid image and not have all the little random cut pieces in it (if that makes any sense at all) PLEASE H E L P & Thanks!! -Reina
  19. Hello out there, Jus picked up a small job,12 shirts (cotton), Navy blue, All they want is two letters "DC", 3' X 3", right under the front mid collar. I'm new to heatpress vinyl pricing, so I'd like to be very careful on how I charge. Want to build clients, not scare them away, but not give them away either!! Make sense? If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. I was kind of thinking to charge like I do my decals, but am I thinking wrong?? Thank you for your help!!
  20. This is all very new to me. I just retired and would like a hobby. I recently attended a wrestling tournament and they were selling decals to adhere to wrestlers head gear. Can anyone tell me how I can get started? What I saw was them applying decals that I'm sure they made to the gear with a hair dryer. First how can I make or copy the decals (Best program). Should I use a vinyl plotter? Like I said this is all new. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. See sample attached. Bruiser
  21. daspink

    Printing decals

    I am wondering if anyone can give me an overview on how to print and cut custom decals. They would be outdoors and need to stand up to the sun and weather. Thanks!
  22. This might also shed some light on these 2 vinyl cutters I had in mind to help others decide on which cutter might be for them. I have my eyes on the GRAPHTEC CE5000-60 and the Roland GX-24. From specs and such they both do the same thing but at the end I have few concerns. The key points that I like about the Graphtec vs. Roland are: For about 1,700 bucks not only do I get the stand but I get free shipping. It works very well with Corel and or Illustrator or other software like Flexi. The key points that I like about the Roland are: Name brand, been around and huge community online. Be able to find parts or able to fix it/etc. Support and Warranty? Well they both do the same stuff, with the exception of price. The concerns I have are. Can I cut vinyl with enough down-force to do the type of vinyl that it is used for Sandblasting. I will most likely be using multiple vinyls for 2-3 color t-shirt printing so accurate cuts is a must. Can I cut Magnet Vinyl (car magnet) Magnet vinyl for cars? Replacement parts are Graphtec parts as easy to find as Roland, and I’m guessing Graphtec parts are cheaper. I read something about Contouring that Roland was way better vs. Graphtec, true or untrue. What I read is Graphtec does contouring just as good. Roland uses quality bearings on metal parts (metal on metal) and Graphtec bearings on plastic (causing problems down the road) Hope that I am not asking too much of a vinyl cutter, but it would be ideal to be versed all around and put it to good use in various areas nut just vinyl decals, but t-shirts, sandblasting glass, mirrors, or even plastic.
  23. airhead101

    Waterslide Decals

    does anybody know about waterslide decals, i was told that it was used on production motorcycle helmets
  24. airhead101

    Motorcycle Helmets

    i want to start doing decals for moto gp styled helmets and i would like to know whats the best vinyl for helmets, i saw this one video where they where they were apply decals in a factory and they had the decals sitting in water and i would like to know what type of material they were using for the decals and if it was vinyl what type of vinyl. here is the link 1. skip to 1:58 seconds2. skip to 4:10 secondsplease help, i plan on clear coating afterwards