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    glass etching, rock carving, wall decals.
  1. daspink

    Sandblast etched glass pantry door

    sure, what do you want to know?
  2. daspink

    Welcome rock

    Kuumba - we are still experimenting with the best kind of mask to use on stone. I have had some luck with the generic Sandblast Stencil you can buy from this site, but it only works if you have a very smooth relatively soft rock. Otherwise I have used the High Tack Anchor BlastLite stencil and pounded it on with a rubber mallet before blasting, this seems to work fairly well, but if it is a especially hard material or particularly rough surface you may also have to use additional glue to keep the stencil down. The main issue with this is that, due to the thickness of the materials, I haven't been able to cut very small or detailed designs on our plotter. We use the Copam CP-2500 plotter. It is a fairly cheap model and we have had some issues with it, so I cant really make any great recommendations on plotters. JT- We used a tractor enamel spray paint and just sprayed it with several coats before taking the stencil off.
  3. daspink

    Graphic Request Info.

    Does anyone have a vector image of a horse drawn sleigh or know where I can find a nice one? Thank you!!
  4. I'll throw the paint idea out there. But besides 631, are there other brands of vinyl with a matte finish? I haven't been happy with it on other projects.
  5. A customer wants some vinyl installed on an office wall. The wall has a pretty rough texture to it, see picture. They want a matte finish and 631 is the only I know about. Are there other options, I've had problems with 631 sticking smoother walls. I appreciate any feedback you can give!
  6. I have a friend asking me to help her install a sign like the attached picture. She'll be renting one of the spaces to advertise her business. Can anyone give me pointers on what kinds of vinyl to use and what the backing (white board) should be made out of? thanks!!
  7. daspink

    Anyone tried USC's new 18 mil sandblast mask?

    I use it, don't have much experience with other brands. Seems okay for the price. If you try it and don't like it, let me know if there is something better I could use.
  8. daspink

    Printing decals

    I am wondering if anyone can give me an overview on how to print and cut custom decals. They would be outdoors and need to stand up to the sun and weather. Thanks!
  9. Hey all, I am having trouble applying a wall sticker to a block wall. The joints between the blocks are causing me problems. Any suggestions? thanks!
  10. daspink

    Attempting Glass Etching

    How are you planning to etch the glass? Acid (etching cream) or Sandblasting? For etching cream almost anything works for simple designs; I mostly use scrap vinyl or contact paper. For more intricate designs I use photo-resistant films, but that's a whole different ball game. For sandblasting; US Cutter sells a cheap and reliable blast mask for about $20 a roll. I have used scrap vinyl for this as well, but can easily ruin your project if you blast too close, too hard, or too long. The rock in my profile picture was done using the blast mask for US Cutter.
  11. Hi all, I was recently ask if I could do some vinyl wall graphics. I don't usaully work with vinyl as I mostly use my cutter for making sandblasting stencils. I was hoping someone could tell me the basics of installing them and recommend a good vinyl for this application. Walls are indoors and are blocks with semi-gloss paint and a drywall (skim coat) with a statin paint finish. Thanks!