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Found 12 results

  1. I did do a search first and didn't find discussions that were recent about this topic. If I want to print and cut corn hole wraps for myself and to sell to other builders, is the MH series an okay way to go? I'm not at the point where I can spend a few thousand dollars. I am buying wraps and building boards to sell, but at $50 a set average it eats into your profit. If I could buy a cutter for a few hundred dollars I could have it paid off fairly quickly. Also, I understand you can't steal others designs but is there a site where I can purchase designs that I can then print and sell? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, -Richard
  2. Corel has finally officially released Update 1 on 7/20/2017 for Coreldraw Graphics Suite 2017. This is a MUCH needed update and improves stability and operation. Release Notes On What's Fixed: Direct Download (76.9 MB):
  3. johnsonsarav48

    vinyl installers NYC

    I've a coffee shop in nyc, wanna give it a decent look. I've some samples too, but have no idea who would I put my idea on my coffee shop's walls.
  4. Is anyone aware of a decent wordpress or jooomla plugin that could be used for decal design? specifically looking for something similar to what the boat name websites use to design / order custom boat names? just something that allows you to pick from some fonts, and basic colors/outline etc and show a preview and then purchase it based on size. i've been looking with no luck and am surprised not to find several things. the only one i did find so far is almost too complicated and has too many features for different products.. need something simple!!!!!!! hoping maybe someone here can point me in the right direction. thanks!
  5. Brandiland

    Wheel graphics and math! HELP!

    I'm cutting a wheel decal that will fit inside the rim of a motorcycle.I know I'll need to allow for the curve, when calculating my measurements, but I'm a little unsure where to start.The rim is 17". I made this one that's attached, but it's straight. I'd like my clients to not have to work so hard to get the perfect fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm getting ready to launch a new website It's going to sell blank a-frame hardware for $10. I am also going to start carrying a line of pre made designs and was thinking about making them $29. My goal is to get a lot of volume so I can keep my (already paid for equipment) moving at night and generate a 2nd revenue stream. How much would you pay for a sign like this?
  7. Hey guys, I am putting together a bid and wanted to make sure I am in the right ball park. Not sure what other people do this type of thing for. It is three colors, swirled stripes that run down each side of the trailer. Just under 15 feet per side x3 Black, orange and grey. I can fit each color (both sides) on 24" vinyl so I will be 45 feet of 24" material. Cost for my material is about $190, customer wants to install.
  8. Hi all, I was recently ask if I could do some vinyl wall graphics. I don't usaully work with vinyl as I mostly use my cutter for making sandblasting stencils. I was hoping someone could tell me the basics of installing them and recommend a good vinyl for this application. Walls are indoors and are blocks with semi-gloss paint and a drywall (skim coat) with a statin paint finish. Thanks!
  9. Danny's Signs

    van graphics

    van vinyl graphics
  10. vinyl graphics on 4'x8' white mdo sheet my bro and i did.
  11. Danny's Signs

    graphics on black 3mil pvc

    graphics on black 3mil pvc
  12. slice&dice

    Just "horsing" around ----

    Last week, on that famous E-normous auction site, I won a set of clip-art DVD discs, 10 in all, with around 35,000 images, all cut-ready vectors. (Search: HUGE MEGA VECTOR CLIPART FOR SIGN VINYL PLOTTER CUTTER) Now, I'm overwhelmed with the vastness of choices, and it's really time consuming to browse through everything (there are .pdf reference pages in every folder with thumbnails of each item) and I haven't been able to review it all yet. Anyway, today a customer walks in, wanting a few 18"x24" bandit signs to advertise their horse stables. Lo and behold, my new disc collection has a category "Horses" and contains just the right element for adding to the design. I highly recommend this set to anyone here wants to own an amazing assortment of cuttable artwork, with subjects such as Frogs, Scorpions, Flames, Racing Logos, Skulls, Hearts, Fairies, Dragons, Swap-Meet stuff, 150 funny Stick People, Wings, Turtles. Tribal art, Kanji, Flowers, Animals, Butterflies, etc etc etc etc This Horse job paid for the entire 10-discs.