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Found 11 results

  1. Enjoy-- I know the original excel spreadsheet is out there,but i learned how to break it up to add htv and so i added a htv section using the same formula.Just in case someone new hasn't seen or heard of it before im posting it for everyone to take at the bottom of the post. For those who dont know how to use it here you go .. First-What this does is tells you all the info about your rolls you buy,It tells you how many sq feet, inches,yards may be in the material you bought and Cost per sq in,foot,yd and then the calculator side tells you how much it actually costs BEFORE LABOR to make a decal or design using vinyl and transtape if needed. I added a partial screen shot to what it will look like,The lower section( Out of sight) is the same but used for HTV vinyl. ----Any questions just ask and enjoy--- For those who dont know how to use it here you go .. PART 1 -Material info LINE A----Click on the box Name of Vinyl Roll and put as needed. LINE B- put the brand and size and width for reference Line C -where you bought it from. LINE D - Width of roll Line E- Length Of Roll Line F - Cost you paid for roll- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After adding the info above, the following Lines (G thru L )next will break the material into how much area in the vinyl there is- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 - Calculator Line M- Put in the length of your design Line N- Put in the Width of the design Line O- How many of the designs are you making, If its only 1 design you can leave blank or add a 1.either will work ,If more than 2, then add as needed. FINAL PART -LINE P - TOTAL COST- Once all info has been added- this final line will give you the cost to make the design. Vinyl Calculator Pippin Decals.xlsx
  2. Hey guys, a friend of mine wants a quote for 6 real estate signs. The wood post type you see at a home that is for sale. Upside down L shape with a metal sign hanging from the arm and a another smaller metal sign hanging from that ( sign runner). He is a broker and his business partner needs them. I am also trying to get into business with his wife's company to provide and service their signs. 1: So I want to know what you guys charge for the whole sign, painted and vinyl applied and also a one time installation charge. 2: The wife's company pays a local sign shop to store, install and remove these signs as necessary for their properties. I have no idea what to charge for this type of service but I think it could be a good amount. Thanks in advance, I did look online but not sure if those prices would be comparable since they usually have cheap prices to compensate for the shipping and whatnot.
  3. Warrior1

    Quoting Prices

    So I was successful in landing my first decal gig but feel like I under priced it to get the job. Is there a formula that you use based on square inches/feet, etc, weeding complexity or? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hey everyone Im sure there is a post on here somewhere on how to price a job. I have client that wants his company logo on his car. Its 3 colors so he has 3 files for me to use. When pricing do you go by inches? Letters?? How should i do it. The logo isnt a difficult one but its going to be big Thanks for your time Bernie
  5. I have attached the spreadsheet I have created for my business. These prices are based on the oracal 651 vinyl and the oracal fluorescent. I have been using this calculator for the past year and it works great for me. I have never had anyone ask about the pricing I use and it makes it nice for anyone in my shop to be able to price something without having to bother me. LOL Criticize if you please I am just throwing out my 2 cents on the whole "Pricing Thing" Hope this helps anyone in need.
  6. Hi Everyone, I made this banner for the school where my wife teaches. It is for the principal who is retiring this year. Once the school staff saw the banner they all want to know what something like this would cost. I don't know what to tell them because this is my first attempt at a banner. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Ok im new to the "selling" of my decals its pretty much been hey check this out. But I recently put an add out and a guy got ahold of me wanting 500 3 inch by 6 inch logos for his dealer ship. He says he deals with a site online but thought he'd be happier dealing locally. So can someone please put me in the ball park of what the price should be.
  8. Hey guys, I am putting together a bid and wanted to make sure I am in the right ball park. Not sure what other people do this type of thing for. It is three colors, swirled stripes that run down each side of the trailer. Just under 15 feet per side x3 Black, orange and grey. I can fit each color (both sides) on 24" vinyl so I will be 45 feet of 24" material. Cost for my material is about $190, customer wants to install.
  9. Man I have been needing a lot of help, I am still struggling with pricing, I got a call today for cut vinyl on office windows. 6 windows total, two with their logo 26" x 26" and 4 with text. Most are 6' tall and they want the font big. I estimate 4700 square inches of vinyl and 1.5 hours labor to install. What do you guys think?
  10. allusion

    Cutter Blades

    I need to buy replacement blades for the first time. How do I know what blades to buy? Also - who has the best price? Thanks
  11. This might also shed some light on these 2 vinyl cutters I had in mind to help others decide on which cutter might be for them. I have my eyes on the GRAPHTEC CE5000-60 and the Roland GX-24. From specs and such they both do the same thing but at the end I have few concerns. The key points that I like about the Graphtec vs. Roland are: For about 1,700 bucks not only do I get the stand but I get free shipping. It works very well with Corel and or Illustrator or other software like Flexi. The key points that I like about the Roland are: Name brand, been around and huge community online. Be able to find parts or able to fix it/etc. Support and Warranty? Well they both do the same stuff, with the exception of price. The concerns I have are. Can I cut vinyl with enough down-force to do the type of vinyl that it is used for Sandblasting. I will most likely be using multiple vinyls for 2-3 color t-shirt printing so accurate cuts is a must. Can I cut Magnet Vinyl (car magnet) Magnet vinyl for cars? Replacement parts are Graphtec parts as easy to find as Roland, and I’m guessing Graphtec parts are cheaper. I read something about Contouring that Roland was way better vs. Graphtec, true or untrue. What I read is Graphtec does contouring just as good. Roland uses quality bearings on metal parts (metal on metal) and Graphtec bearings on plastic (causing problems down the road) Hope that I am not asking too much of a vinyl cutter, but it would be ideal to be versed all around and put it to good use in various areas nut just vinyl decals, but t-shirts, sandblasting glass, mirrors, or even plastic.