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Found 26 results

  1. Enjoy-- I know the original excel spreadsheet is out there,but i learned how to break it up to add htv and so i added a htv section using the same formula.Just in case someone new hasn't seen or heard of it before im posting it for everyone to take at the bottom of the post. For those who dont know how to use it here you go .. First-What this does is tells you all the info about your rolls you buy,It tells you how many sq feet, inches,yards may be in the material you bought and Cost per sq in,foot,yd and then the calculator side tells you how much it actually costs BEFORE LABOR to make a decal or design using vinyl and transtape if needed. I added a partial screen shot to what it will look like,The lower section( Out of sight) is the same but used for HTV vinyl. ----Any questions just ask and enjoy--- For those who dont know how to use it here you go .. PART 1 -Material info LINE A----Click on the box Name of Vinyl Roll and put as needed. LINE B- put the brand and size and width for reference Line C -where you bought it from. LINE D - Width of roll Line E- Length Of Roll Line F - Cost you paid for roll- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After adding the info above, the following Lines (G thru L )next will break the material into how much area in the vinyl there is- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 - Calculator Line M- Put in the length of your design Line N- Put in the Width of the design Line O- How many of the designs are you making, If its only 1 design you can leave blank or add a 1.either will work ,If more than 2, then add as needed. FINAL PART -LINE P - TOTAL COST- Once all info has been added- this final line will give you the cost to make the design. Vinyl Calculator Pippin Decals.xlsx
  2. Hi there, im looking for some guidance on pricing when it comes to making sure you can pay employees, rent, insurance and utilities. I’m not looking for the at home DIY prices. Is there anyone in here that has a store front and can tell me how they base their prices to make sure they cover their overhead and make a profit please? Thank you in advance for your guidance!
  3. Jesse.karbowski

    Help with sign pricing

    Hey guys! I know this will vary depending on market and area etc. This is my 1st "big" sign project and I have no idea what to price it. It's on a 4'x8' piece of steel and it's 2 sides. I initially tried to cover the steel in vinyl to have a base color, that obviously didn't work well and I wasted a lot of vinyl but I don't want to charge the customer for the wasted time. I ended up painting the steel for the base coat. I'm using 4 colors of vinyl and I've had a few things to layer. It's pretty basic with just font and a tree in the center. Any help on pricing would really help out a lot! Thanks!
  4. Question for anyone doing banners, only place I can find to order banner blanks that are already made to size is uscutter is there any other companies out there selling pre sized and finished blanks?
  5. blackrose2010

    Oracal Calulator

    Have any vinyl companies offered a free vinyl calculator, or costing calculator?
  6. I dont install a lot of perf have been asked for 2 of 36x81" windows and one 67 x 81" windows. I know there are lots of variables but where would you guys be in the ballpark for pricing? I can print it myself or I can outsource the printing (out sourcing seems to range from $300-450 from my wholesale traders. How much would you mark this up? I know I can probably guesstimate from my costs and labor rate but just wanted to get an idea from you to see where I might fall Thanks Mark
  7. I thought this calc was the best ive seen so far and its amazing to me so i had to share just in case no one else has seen it,If you have seen on it on here , just have a admin or moderator delete it.. THNX I Copy and Pasted from the other Ok some of you know me as DeviantGeek. that is my username over at USCUTTER. On here ( i am Vern. some of you may also remember a vinyl calculator thing i had been working on and delaying and working on and completely abandoned. well its been ressurected. completely finished. i hope. Im only one person. I finished the readme as well. PLEASE READ THE README. itll tell you everything you need to know. hopefully. I tried my best with this one. no charge. available here and there FOR FREE. We were all new once. we were all beginners. hell some of us still are cuz we are constantly learning new things. this is just a pice of harmony that may or may not help you out. i made it for myself. one other thing READ THE README. thats what its there for. enjoy and please let me know of anytihng wrong. like i said, i believe it works perfectly. it is protected. you wont be able to edit ANYTHING related to the formulas. unless you know the macro codes. im advising you stay away from those cuz hell im not even sure i know what they do haha. but without further adooo... Vinyl
  8. So im new to the emergency vehicle pricing and i want to see what your thoughts are on price for these. Keep in mind the blue suv had a silver corburn stripe on top and bottom, I had to outsorce it since it was printed with a black edge and lamanated wide than the stripe to help seal it. it was supplied to me in small rolls. Vinyl used was orcal 5600
  9. I have attached the spreadsheet I have created for my business. These prices are based on the oracal 651 vinyl and the oracal fluorescent. I have been using this calculator for the past year and it works great for me. I have never had anyone ask about the pricing I use and it makes it nice for anyone in my shop to be able to price something without having to bother me. LOL Criticize if you please I am just throwing out my 2 cents on the whole "Pricing Thing" Hope this helps anyone in need.
  10. So im new to the solvent printing world and looking for some guidelines on pricing out printed jobs. Cost of the Lam and substrates i can figure out but what about the contour cutting and ink cost? and how does everyone factor that in. Thanks.
  11. I was approached by a large motorcycle event and was asked to quote them on 1000 shirts and decals. They mentioned their previous contract printer gave them a great price as the items are for charity. What is everyone's policies on this type of partnership? 1000x Digitally printed decals - 5"w x 6"h 1000x Color Full back shirt - ~ 13"w x 20"h
  12. Help me out with the pricing, please. I plan to use Oracal 651 that I have for these and 4mm coroplast. They are outdoor, but to be used at only a couple of day events. 1 - 3' x 6' Vinyl Banner, one sided, one color. with 8 grommets 1 - 2' X 6' Coroplast Sign, one sided, one color with 6 grommets 2 - 2' X 2' Coroplast sign, one sided, one color with 4 grommets each Each of these will have different graphics and text. the graphics are business logos from business cards. She did give me one 8.5" X 11" sheet of the logo for the 3' X 6' banner but it is cut off on the top and bottom and still going to require me to do some manual digitizing. Not a trace and go kind of thing. I know what my materials cost me, digitizing time I am unsure of since I am new to this... Also these are one time signs as far as I can tell. Just curious what some of the experienced professionals on here would price this kind of job at (Ballpark of course) so I know if I am way off base. Thank you!! Marie
  13. Hi Everyone, I made this banner for the school where my wife teaches. It is for the principal who is retiring this year. Once the school staff saw the banner they all want to know what something like this would cost. I don't know what to tell them because this is my first attempt at a banner. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I am very new to sign making. I need help pricing this window decal. It is 5.4 inches x 4 inches, cut from Greenstar intermediate calendered vinyl and takes about 15 minutes to weed each one. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  15. Hello, have never bid on a job this big before, would appreciate anyone's help!! 1. 4- 4'x8' double sided signs 2. 4- 4'x8' one sided signs 3. 4- 3'x5' double sided signs 4. 4- 3'x5' one sided signs 5. 24- yard signs (18'x24")- all double sided. -All the big signs are wood signs. All of these signs have a maroon/burgundy background with yellow lettering. They are political signs. I've done signs for a while, but I would appreciate any opinions/help! A few months back I did 3-4'x4' single sided wood signs @ 250.00 a piece. These had the 4"x4" posts with fancy end caps, so I'm kind of going off of this. but my quote is coming out way high. I think?? I'm going to attach a pic of the lettering. Like I said, any help is appreciated!!! Thank you, jus kind of lost on this one?
  16. Hello out there, So a potential shirt/apparel customer calls, says he has the Dri fit shirts/jackets. Says he just wants me to cut design, which they already have, on disc(one color), and heatpress it on to the shirts/jackets. Fairly new to heatpress pricing. Was thinking then of charging him like I charge for decals The Height+Width/2. Then adding half of that for install. Say a 8"X8" design would be $12.50 per shirt/jacket? This sounds high to me, since he does already have the apparel. Was thinking of using this formula, then jus dropping price down to $10.00, or even taking the install price off, just leaving it at $8??? Just don't know! Can someone please advise or direct me to the right price. I appreciate any responses. Take care!
  17. Hello out there, Jus picked up a small job,12 shirts (cotton), Navy blue, All they want is two letters "DC", 3' X 3", right under the front mid collar. I'm new to heatpress vinyl pricing, so I'd like to be very careful on how I charge. Want to build clients, not scare them away, but not give them away either!! Make sense? If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. I was kind of thinking to charge like I do my decals, but am I thinking wrong?? Thank you for your help!!
  18. Hey guys, I am putting together a bid and wanted to make sure I am in the right ball park. Not sure what other people do this type of thing for. It is three colors, swirled stripes that run down each side of the trailer. Just under 15 feet per side x3 Black, orange and grey. I can fit each color (both sides) on 24" vinyl so I will be 45 feet of 24" material. Cost for my material is about $190, customer wants to install.
  19. Hello! A friend recently contacted me about making some vinyl stickers for his clothing company. As you can see in the images I attached, its mostly just lettering ... but the stickers would be about 4"x8" give or take, and maybe some smaller ones at 2"x4" (this is what he requested, but he may change the sizing by a few inches here and there) He is asking for 2,000 stickers total. ~500 of the 1st logo in white, and 500 in black. (London Alexander w/ the roman numerals). ~500 of the 2nd logo in white, and 500 in black. (The Daily CO). I've only made stickers for myself and close friends at no cost to them, so I pretty much have no idea how to come up with a price/ price-quote for him. I am very proficient when it comes to weeding so that wont be a problem at all. Like I said, he is a friend, but this is also a great way for me to make some money. I dont want to rip him off in any way, but if you could please help me come up with a reasonable price quote it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks so much!
  20. Man I have been needing a lot of help, I am still struggling with pricing, I got a call today for cut vinyl on office windows. 6 windows total, two with their logo 26" x 26" and 4 with text. Most are 6' tall and they want the font big. I estimate 4700 square inches of vinyl and 1.5 hours labor to install. What do you guys think?
  21. stmcy

    outsourcing signs

    I am new to the vinyl industry. I have been doing shirts and signs with vinyl. It is a side job that I would like to build up over time. One of my customers wants some sponsor signs for a golf course. I have done them for him in the past with vinyl and he has been happy, however he wants to have some later on done in full color thats printed instead of vinyl. Problem is most of the time it is 18 signs and they are all different. So I am looking for a good place to outsource some signs to at a good price. I want to be able to still make some money off of the job but still stay at a good price. Any suggestions will help. Thanks Scott
  22. I dont do to much vinyl cutting these days, however I'm going to help a friend do his full size RV. I have no clue what to charge him. He wants to pay full "normal" price but I'm struggling to figure out whats normal. Its all one color (black) lettering with a simple elk graphic. It will require 3 - 50"x43" decals 1 - 12"x60 decal 3 - 15"x15" decals I will be installing it myself and I need a general ball park estimate. I've tried using some of the price calculators but I can never seem to figure them out. someone please help.
  23. I posted this is the wrong category and am reposting here. Sorry. I have a steam carpet cleaning company in Palm Harbor Florida. I have lettered my truck and store front. Since doing this I have had other renters in the mall where I am asking me to do signs and storefronts for them as well. I want to charge what is appropriate for the work I am doing. I don't want to do the work at a price that hurts signmakers who do this for a living. What would have you guys charged for the services below? Thanks, it is a big help. Storefront: , 4 x 8, 2 Sides: 14 Foot Box Truck, Side: 14 Foot Box Truck, Rear:
  24. Hello im new to this. can anyone help with a price guid for lettering? examples are best thanks
  25. GreenTech

    My Storefront

    I have a steam carpet cleaning company in Palm Harbor Florida. I have lettered my truck and store front. Since doing this I have had other renters in the mall where I am asking me to do signs and storefronts for them as well. I want to charge what is appropriate for the work I am doing. I don't want to do the work at a price that hurts signmakers who do this for a living. What would have you guys charged for the services below? Thanks, it is a big help. Storefront: Marguee, 4 x 8, 2 Sides: 14 Foot Box Truck, Side: 14 Foot Box Truck, Rear: