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  1. VinylM

    Application fluid

    @haumana would you mind sharing how much water to how much alcohol? And is it 70% alcohol?
  2. VinylM

    Installing on a split window.

    Wow @mark-s I’m so glad your in a forum that’s used to help people. I’m trying here ... and you don’t even know my situation. My brother did signs before he went into the marine Corp and I had to bury him. I’m trying to keep this going for him. So yeah it’s not my expertise but i will do whatever it takes to learn it all. Even if I have to deal w morons like you that are so unkind. I hope you were able to feel so cool after your comment...
  3. VinylM

    Installing on a split window.

    Thank you @slice&dice. I have done that already. Where I’m curious is I was going to just apply the decal on either side of that beam and cut the letters where the beam is. As I looked around on other store fronts I only found one and it looked like they applied it right over the beam. With that I would assume there was extra space needed to fold down the side of the beam but not sure how to take that into account. Did they stretch the letter?
  4. How does one go about installing vinyl on a window that has a beam in the middle? The customer wants wording on both windows but there is a beam down the middle. What do I do? He wants them centered and I’m not sure what to do.
  5. Hi there, im looking for some guidance on pricing when it comes to making sure you can pay employees, rent, insurance and utilities. I’m not looking for the at home DIY prices. Is there anyone in here that has a store front and can tell me how they base their prices to make sure they cover their overhead and make a profit please? Thank you in advance for your guidance!
  6. VinylM

    Should I get a heat press?

    That’s great info for a starter. I’ve been doing decals for years a d trying to avoid shirts cause the market is swamped. Lately I’ve been getting requests do thinking I might get into it. Can you tell me which heat press you would Recommend? I’m an all in type of person so I don’t want to go w beg hi we and then just keep upgrading. I’d like to start w a great on right off. Thanks
  7. VinylM

    Cutting wood

    Ok so I see all these circuit people cutting bass wood with their cricut. Can a titan 2 cut this also? If so how? Any and all info on it I would appreciate. thsnks a bunch!
  8. Can anyone tell me what type of vinyl this is that has this See through texture??? The white one.
  9. VinylM

    Metal substrates and how do you charge?

    Thank you for the info!! What does PIA stand for?
  10. Can anyone recommend where they get their aluminum substrates for outdoor signage? Best prices? How to you charge for this kind of application?
  11. VinylM

    Propane truck application

    Thats what im worried about. Measuring... how do you measure a cylinder like that??? I have been just selling him the Cut and taped reflective vinyl all these years, but now he's asking for install also and don't want to pass that up that $$. Thanks for the laser level idea. Ill have to look into that and see what the cost is. I appreciate your comment.
  12. VinylM

    Propane truck application

    Hey all, So I have something that I need help with. I have been selling decals for years online, so not much with application wise. Although I have done several applications at businesses and car decals, I have a new one that I was approached with. A propane truck... with reflective. how does one set something centered and level on a cylinder like that and I was told that you can not do a wet application w reflective. How do you all handle these applications. I have been asked to do this tomorrow so any quick help would be appreciated. If this weekend has passed and you are reading this please give me your feed back Still. There is a fleet of these that I will be doing eventually so id love all your tricks.Thanks!
  13. VinylM

    Oralite 5500

    Got ya. Thanks!
  14. VinylM

    Oralite 5500

    I don't print on it. Just cut out and its pretty awesome
  15. VinylM

    Oralite 5500

    Can you share the link for the black possibly? I only see white red and yellow. It is pretty amazing! i have used it a lot and it looks great but have gotten it for much cheaper so that is the only reason i mention its a lot. Im looking for it now just cause I'm placing a big order so figured id throw that in but its too much of a difference to justify.