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  1. huntrjo

    Rip Error

    Okay I'll clean them up and see what happens I know I did look at the bottom a little bit ago and it said I had 5.6 gun ram fee and 350gb hard space free so I would think that would be more than enough.
  2. huntrjo

    Rip Error

    Also how would I rasterize the image and not the contour cut line because if I rasterize before I add contour cut line it wants to put the contour line in like a square shape and if I do it after I add the cut line it makes it part of the image right?
  3. huntrjo

    Rip Error

    Okay great I will try that. But I wouldn't think that would help now just for the fact that I uninstalled all the software and reinstalled so there shouldn't be anything In there right? It would there still be something from the previous software?
  4. huntrjo

    Rip Error

    Thanks guys I really appreciate all the help.
  5. huntrjo

    Rip Error

    I have a post on the Sao fourm but haven't had any bites yet. Here is the item I'm trying to print and cut. It's from brands Of the world.
  6. huntrjo

    Rip Error

    How would I go about clearing a drop shadow? I'm new to flexi so it's still a bit confusing to me lol. Thanks for the quick reply.
  7. huntrjo

    Rip Error

    Ive been using flexisign pro cloud 11 for a month now and it has worked flawlessly. last night I tried sending a print and contour cut through the rip and print exactly as I have been doing and it said rip error. I did some research and people said clear the prefrences so I did and still no luck. I unistalled the software and reinstalled and once again no luck. Im getting rip error 29 which it says plugin error and unknown operator. Can someone please help me. Thanks Joey
  8. MM64 all I have been doing is designing just like normal and then I have set up my graphtec in the production manager and it works perfectly. If im just cutting regular vinyl I just use the cut function but if im printing and cutting then I use the Rip and Print function. im using flex sign pro 11 cloud. Hope this helps Joey Clark
  9. Got it fixed. I put the cutter in Hp-Gl mode and it works flawlessly. Hope this helps anyone else in need.
  10. Thanks guys so MrMopar which setting do you use for the ARMS. Also im assuming that your referring to the settings on the cutter display? Thanks, Joey
  11. I just got my new Graphtec today. I got it all set up and sent a few test cuts with just oracal 651 everything works great. I figured I would try printing and contour cutting some decals and that's where I ran into problems. I printed my design and printed it with the Graphtec registration marks through the flexi sign rip and print. After the print came out of my printer I loaded it into the cutter and sent the job to the cutter. at first I was getting "mark scan error" and then it kept saying "mark sensing level not enough" then a couple of times it didn't even try to read the marks and it just started printing some kind of code or numbers like in the picture. I'm so confused on what to do and I have searched for 4 hours to see what I could find out and cant find anyone mentioning the same problems so hopefully you guys can help me out like you always do. :-) thanks in advance for all the help. Joey
  12. I'm new to the coroplast signs so I'm not really sure what to charge my customers. What would you all charge for this. It's a 24"x48" sign printed laminated and mounted to coroplast. Thanks for all the help. Attached is the picture.
  13. It's in a zip file so you have to un zip it before you can open it.
  14. I have attached the spreadsheet I have created for my business. These prices are based on the oracal 651 vinyl and the oracal fluorescent. I have been using this calculator for the past year and it works great for me. I have never had anyone ask about the pricing I use and it makes it nice for anyone in my shop to be able to price something without having to bother me. LOL Criticize if you please I am just throwing out my 2 cents on the whole "Pricing Thing" Hope this helps anyone in need.
  15. huntrjo

    Heat Press on Amazon

    I actually own that press and it works great for me. Ive used it for about a year now and I haven't had any problems with it at all.