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  1. Marie925

    Guns and Coffee

    How are you etching these?
  2. Marie925

    160 free vector

    Will do and report back.
  3. Marie925

    160 free vector

    Are we actually allowed to cut and sell these "Free Samples"? This statement is on the page so I would assume... No You can use these images, but it is not allowed to distribute, publish or sell them in any way unless you purchase a license.
  4. Wouldn't this be $12 for each decal based on the L+W/2? so $24 total?
  5. Marie925


    I've tried heat transfer vinyl with an Iron, but I am thinking I need a press!! :-)
  6. Marie925


    Those look Awesome!
  7. Marie925

    Light-box Workbench

    See his other picture. It is a shower door from the habitat store - so probably pretty affordable.
  8. Marie925

    Work bench and tools

    This is all awesome. I see some projects in my future!!
  9. Marie925

    Large Tree & City Skyline Wall Decals

    I know this is an old post, but I am curious on how you did the 7 pieces. Do you have overlap or is it a straight cut that has to be butted together. also how much instruction did you give for install. I am very interested in doing huge decals like this. This looks awesome!
  10. Marie925

    Fabric Wall Decals

    I am seeing reusable re-positional fabric wall decals in etsy shops. Can anyone enlighten me on how these are made? Thank you, Marie
  11. I wish I had known to use the terminology mock-up in searches for free files before. I have bought some stock photos to use. I guess if I had thought harder I could have come up with that! I always learn something new on here! Thanks!! MB - Do you heat press Koozies?
  12. By definition Vector images do not contain pixels and thus can be resized with no loss of quality.
  13. Marie925

    Im new and dont Know what im doing!

    I use the Cameo for small stuff and then illustrator with the CutStudio Plug-in for the bigger stuff on the roland. I have to admit I have not used it much yet. Is there a cut by color option with that cutstudio plug-in? I do it just by grouping each color and deleting out what I don't need to cut for whatever color I am working on.
  14. Marie925

    Im new and dont Know what im doing!

    Wildgoose - So you just layer the + Mark right on top of each other? I have used squares where one fits in the other - nothing right on top of each other. I like the idea of the plus sign though because it seems like you get easy to see vertical and horizontal alignment.
  15. Marie925

    Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

    I ordered the Adobe Classroom in a Book last night. Moody B. - I will check out the websites as well! Thank you. I will keep you in mind if I get stuck on something, I appreciate it! Thank you!