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Found 7 results

  1. Hello I bought an oracal 631 sheet.when i saw the only has the letters " ORACAL 631 EXHIBITION"(also in a different layout) ..whereas the earlier sheet(the current ones available in market) have "ORACAL 31 EXHIBITION CAL" . Is my material duplicate or an earlier version(stock) of the same series? Google doesn't show any info about earlier edition Any info will will be highly appreciated. Thank You !
  2. Hi, " I want to start a small online business on Etsy and sell my designs as (small wall decals and car stickers: max 8*8"). I need some help with cutter and vinyl choice: 1. I did some research for "desktop vinyl cutter" and finally I decided to buy Cricut Explore (air) print and cut. Before buying I want to make sure that it is a good choice: a. Can it do a good quality print on vinyl (ex Oracal 631) for colourful designs b. what other options I have (other than silhouette cameo) with the price range of 300-500$ c. Is it a good choice if I print and cut 10-15 stickers per week? (durability of machine;blades,etc). 2. For wall decal I will buy Oracal 631. Tell me if it is not a good choice. 3. For car stickers I don't know which vinyl I choose (waterproof and lasting at least 5 years) 4. I live in Canada ... Is there a trustable and famous company I can buy supplies and cutter (other than ebay and amazon)
  3. I'm sure this has been mentioned before in the forums but I am hoping maybe someone has come up with something new that can help Oracal 631 stick to walls painted with Low VOC free paints ? This seems like a never ending issue and I was hoping that Oracal itself would have somehow fixed this adhesion problem. Does anyone know if this is just an issue with the Oracal or if MacTac and other indoor wall art vinyl has the same problems ? I am open to any suggestions that I can pass along to my customers ... Thanks
  4. Diva D

    Wall Decal HELP

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum, but stumbled here because I am in desperate need of some advice and also at a complete loss for words!! (Definitely not my norm.) I had a customer write me last night and started the conversation with "Before I review this decal, I just wanted you to know....." I sell on Etsy and for Etsy sellers reviews are everything to them!!! She had said that she couldn't get her decal to stick to the wall. I use Oracal 631. So I asked a series of questions trying to figure out the problem. She did say that her walls are "slightly textured" but then went on to attach these images. This is where the loss for words came into play! In my shop policies it clearly states that this vinyl will stick to any smooth/slightly textured walls and it is not recommended for highly textured walls or in this case I would say Extremely textured walls! Any advice you could give me would really be appreciated!!
  5. Wall decals that I made for a customer. I can't take credit on the install, they did that part.
  6. dansell

    HT55 and Oracal 631

    I need some advice. I use Oracal (Orafol) 631 and HT55 transfer tape for wall decals for a couple of years now with very limited problems and those were minimal at best. I ship the decals rolled. I recently had a customer send me pictures where the paint peeled off the wall from the transfer tape. They swear that they painted 6 months ago and used regular paint, not any VOC free, low VOC or teflon type of paints. Does anyone have any idea why this would have ? I refunded their purchase price in full but I'm wondering if there is some information floating around out there that I am missing? Should I be using a different transfer tape or is there another one that you all like better than HT55? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. pmvinyls

    Lots of indoor vinyl questions!

    Hi everyone! I just started my vinyl decal business about 3 months ago and I'm wanting to introduce an indoor line of designs. I have a bunch of requests for indoor vinyls, but I've been hesitant to take the leap before I know more. I've been doing some research online but coming up short on a few things. If anyone here deals with indoor decals, I would sure appreciate your help and advise! Basics to start: I plan on using Oracal 631 in the 24"w, that I know for sure. I have a Roland GX-24 cutter. Now here come the questions... 1. What transfer tape works best with this vinyl? I found a few sites that suggested GXF100, but I really like using the clear tape for customer applied graphics. Any suggestions on a tape that will release on slightly textured surfaces the best? Should I just go with the GXF100 and get over the clear thing because it's better? And on that note, for big designs such as stripes and polka-dots, is transfer tape even really necessary? 2. For multi-colored designs, which is best? Setting everything up on one sheet for the customer to just apply or sending the designs in individual pieces? I get making it easier for the customer, but I feel like I could sell the decals for MUCH less if I sent it in pieces with detailed instructions. For example, a tree with colorful leaves. If you send them in pieces, do you cut out each piece for the customer, or leave them as laid out on the cutter and instruct the customer to cut them? 3. How should I price my indoor decals? I've been using a formula I found online somewhere for car and outdoor vinyls. I basically add the height and width in inches, divide by 2 and round up or down depending on the difficulty of the weed. I don't use this formula for wholesale decals or large quantities, but mostly just for Etsy store items and individual decals. Is this a good formula to use for indoor decals? Any suggestions on better pricing? Still so new to this and I don't want to rip anyone off, but I don't want to undercut myself either. 4. How is applying indoor decals different than outdoor decals? I'm pretty much going to have to rely on what I can find online for application instructions since I'm going to stock colors as they're ordered. I will likely buy one roll and do a few practice runs on my walls, but any suggestions or links to great application instructions would be amazing (I won't copy, I just need some direction). 5. How do you ship large graphics? I've mostly dealt with designs that can fit in large flat envelopes, so I'm not sure where to begin with large rolls. Obviously I want to roll them, but how loose should I keep the roll to avoid any bubbling or damage to the design? Where can I find nice size boxes? 6. Was thinking of having custom squeegees printed to include with the designs. Do you think this is worth it? My thought is it's only a few bucks and will leave a lasting impression on the buyer. Can anyone suggest a supplier for these? Or should I DIY with plain squeegees and decals? Thanks so much for taking the time to read this super long post. Any help from the experts would be so greatly appreciated. Kelly Owner of PM Vinyls by Potti Mouth Designs