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  1. I'm just being stubborn by not wanting to learn a new software! I had everything set up to just click and cut - It's a good problem to have - I'm grateful the for the cutter and the work. I'll quit my bitchin and suck it up! LOL
  2. Thanks - I will have to look into it - I do have the Graphtec CE6000 and absolutely love it and I have had several cutters and this is by far the cream of the crop! Just wish the Graphtec Pro was available for Mac. Maybe someday! lol
  3. Thanks MZ Skeeter - I could get a cheap computer - I was just trying to mainstream my production time - I could probably cut from illustrator directly - I just had everything set up in VM with the most used designs and their sizes lol - I don't do change well!!! LOL.
  4. Thankyou. I will look at Graphtec software... I was just partial to my vinylmaster... lol
  5. Whhhyyyyy? My windows pc died and had to buy a new computer on the fly. Not thinking ahead I decided to buy a IMac desktop which I love. I return to my vinyl cutting business after a month vacation and realize that Vinylmaster is not compatible unless running boot camp. Had I known this I wouldn’t have bought a mac... my fault I know..... does anyone know how hard it is to install boot camp and do I need to purchase a windows code to run it?
  6. dansell

    Graphtec and Vinylmaster

    This topic saved the day again after getting a new pc and setting up my Graphtec again! Still love my Graphtec and Vinylmaster after all this time!
  7. dansell

    Graphtec and Vinylmaster

    Thanks! I'm going to try this! I also wish that I didn't have to poll the vinyl evertime... I know how much room I have lol
  8. dansell

    Graphtec and Vinylmaster

    Hmmm... that is one thing that bugs me, I will have to check that out. I still love this machine! Thanks for the update!
  9. dansell

    Graphtec and Vinylmaster

    Awesome Andrew!!!! I'm glad I posted!!
  10. dansell

    Graphtec and Vinylmaster

    No problem - I'm just happy that I got it working and thought if I posted step by step of what I was doing and the messages that I got, it might help someone else if they have the same issue.
  11. dansell

    Graphtec and Vinylmaster

    I did follow through with the first suggestion, I changed it to HPGL on the machine and that is when I got the error message on my machine that I posted a picture of. I was unaware of needing to change it in the software program too. She then told me to change it in the software too and it fixed my issue, so I DID follow through with her instructions from the very get go. Mz Skeeter - I thank you again for your help!!
  12. dansell

    Graphtec and Vinylmaster

    Thanks!!! Now I can really appreciate this machine in the capacity that I wanted to!!!!
  13. dansell

    Graphtec and Vinylmaster

    Hot Damm!!!!! I could kiss you all!!!! Thank you so much!!!! The HPGL needed to be set in the software as well as the machine!!!!!! You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!
  14. dansell

    Graphtec and Vinylmaster

    I downloaded the driver from graphtec site.... I also went through the VMP wizard to install the driver
  15. dansell

    Graphtec and Vinylmaster

    Oh and I have uninstalled and reinstalled vmp too.... with a pc restart. Just tryin to tell you all what I have tried.