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  1. pshawny

    A big shout out

    No problemo Cal. Glad to help out.
  2. Yeah. The value of time and of money can change depending on several factors over one's lifetime. A $30,000+ a year job in your 20's isn't as appealing in your 30's, so on and so forth. Life is expensive. I want my next K-1 to have six figures, not five.
  3. pshawny

    USCUTTER Resealable Sticker

    I find that they leave a residue. Nothing that a little rubbing alcohol doesn't take care of though.
  4. $2 x 125 does equal $250. Let's take that $250 - Ebay Fees - Paypal Fees - Postage - Material Costs. I'd estimate that you'll clear $100. If that takes you 8 hours, then that is $12.50 per hour. $12.50 per hour x 40 hours per week = $500 per week $500 x 50 weeks a year = $25,000 per year $25,000 - 30% self-employment tax = $17,500 per year If you can do 125 in less than 8 hours, which you should, or you can scale the business, then it might get interesting. Hire some part-time helpers and grow the business. I personally don't see how anyone can have tens of thousand of decal designs without breaking all kinds of trademark and copyright laws.
  5. Sihl makes a lot of different products for wide format aqueous printers. They will send you free printed samples too.
  6. pshawny

    Branson or Bentonville areas?

    I've been through Bentonville a couple of times visiting family that lives in near Rogers.
  7. pshawny

    Help with Oracal Etched Glass 8510

    Oracal recommends their HT-55 app tape for use with 8510
  8. pshawny

    Automatic vinyl weeding machine?

    Here is one that does it, but I'm sure the price tag is very high.
  9. pshawny

    SignBlazer Element settings for CE6000-60

    Choose the CoPam CP-2500. Works for me.
  10. pshawny

    Copyright Interpretation?

    I think what they are trying to say is that you cannot resell the clipart. The wording is a little vauge. You should be fine making and selling decals. If not, i don't see why SW would bundle the clipart with a cutter.
  11. pshawny

    Moving text around

    On the left hand side of the cut screen you will see some options. You can set the number of copies, spacing between copies, weed boxes, etc.
  12. pshawny

    Temporary/Removable Wall Vinyl?

    Both the 631 and the GreenStar wall vinyl will remove cleanly without damage or leaving adhesive residue. Everything assumes properly applied paint, etc. They typically state 2 years clean removal, but I don't see a problem with a longer installation. As long as the base layer is 631, then you could put 651 or anything else on top of it.
  13. pshawny

    My newest used toy

    The 16x20 air operated GeoKnight is threadable. I'm not sure about the manual 16x20.
  14. pshawny

    eliminate tiles from cutting

    Sounds like you are referring to weeding boxes. On the cut screen, right before you hit cut, you will see some cutting options to the left side of the screen. Uncheck everything that says "Weed". Weed All is usually selected by default. Play around with them to see what each one does. They do come in very handy.
  15. Like Mz. Skeeter said, without proof of delivery you will run into tons of scammers on Ebay. Let the Chinese have the pennies. Go after the dollars!