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  1. julie77

    Printer - Latex vs Eco Solvent

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice and recommendations on which printer I should be looking to purchase. I've heard good and bad about both (eco vs latex). I currently have a Graphtec for cutting vinyl, so I'm looking for a stand alone printer (not a print cut system unless the price is right). Wanting to print indoor wall decals, outdoor signage and car stickers, heat transfers. Is one type of printer ink better than the other ? I'm concerned with the smell of the eco-solvent inks....as I do this in my home. Any suggestions on which printers would print nice bright vibrant colors would be very helpful Thanks
  2. julie77

    Font Glyphs "Ornaments"

    Normally, yeah that works. But with the ornament glyphs they are not showing up. Is there a different way those ones have to be accessed ?
  3. julie77

    Font Glyphs "Ornaments"

    The font I am having issues trying to access "ornaments" in the style script pro font. I know how to access the glyphs, but this whole group of them does not come up... Anyone know how to access these using Corel Draw ?
  4. I'm sure this has been mentioned before in the forums but I am hoping maybe someone has come up with something new that can help Oracal 631 stick to walls painted with Low VOC free paints ? This seems like a never ending issue and I was hoping that Oracal itself would have somehow fixed this adhesion problem. Does anyone know if this is just an issue with the Oracal or if MacTac and other indoor wall art vinyl has the same problems ? I am open to any suggestions that I can pass along to my customers ... Thanks
  5. julie77

    Corel Draw OEM (uscutter)

    I just called Corel last week asking the same question; They told me there are no missing features when compared to the full retail version, the only difference is, you can't use it for Business and you can't upgrade in the future. I then asked the obvious; How will you even know if its used for business or student/personal use ? I was told the student version leaves watermarks ... I currently have x4 student and I have never seen watermarks on anything ... so conflicting info right from Corel's customer service.
  6. julie77

    CorelDraw x7 Model # 's ?

    Hope I didn't just get ripped off - I ordered from Ebay
  7. julie77

    CorelDraw x7 Model # 's ?

    Looking to purchase CorelDraw x7 off Ebay. Seems like the price varies so much for the Full Version I'm seeing different model numbers listed but they all say they are the Full Version (not academic or home/student versions). What is the difference between these, for example: (code is shown right above the barcode on the back of the box) Model # CDGSX7ENMBC Model # CDGSX7ENDB A bit confused as to which one to buy ... any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. julie77

    Coreldraw x6 or x7

    Tried both ways, and only part of the fonts show up. None of the fancy ones that I'm after ..
  9. julie77

    Coreldraw x6 or x7

    I posted before about not being able to access all of the glyphs within a font but still don't have any real clear answers other than the version I have doesn't support these features. I have CorelDraw x4 which cannot access all of them... Looking to upgrade now, but don't really want to spend a ton of money to purchase x7 if x6 will do... Is there anyone here that is using x6 that can confirm that you can for sure 100% access all the glyphs within a font with this version ? I need to be able to get everything like ; swashes, stylistic alternates etc.. Anyone have any info to help out on this would be very much appreciated.
  10. julie77

    Font Glyphs in inkscape ?

    This works, but will only bring up some of the glyphs Of coarse none of the ones I bought the font for are showing ... is this because of the version of coreldraw maybe ? I'm using CorelDraw 4 ? Inkscape same thing . I have photoshop and they come up fine in it, but I can't get my image from photoshop to a cuttable vector ..
  11. julie77

    Font Glyphs in inkscape ?

    salamander script font any idea how to acess the glyphs for this font ? Either inkscape or corel draw?
  12. julie77

    Font Glyphs in inkscape ?

    I just purchased a few fonts because I liked the fancy swirls etc for creating vinyl graphics. I find out now that these fancy fonts can't be used in a lot of programs. I have CorelDraw 4 for designing and I can't seem to get them to work I'm also trying in Inkscape now .. but can't get them to work in this either.. anyone know much about glyphs and how to get them to work in a cutting program ? Thanks.
  13. julie77

    Graphtec Settings - see photo

    Just wanted to do an update on this thread. Thanks jmas for posting your settings. They were pretty darn close to what I have, and I really appreciate that you took the time to post them. I am still getting the same cut quality issues. I have been on the phone on and off the past 2 days with Graphtec and after checking my settings remotely and doing a bunch of other stuff they are saying that its most likely the blade holder is faulty. Since the machine is brand new and only a few weeks old, Graphtec is sending me a new blade holder - should be here tomorrow Hopefully this fixes the issue. The machine is pretty damn sweet other than these flaws in the cuts.
  14. julie77

    Graphtec Settings - see photo

    Thanks jmas, I'll check back tomorrow for the settings. I will try to refrain from throwing it in the meantime. (Good thing its bolted down to the stand right now, makes it a bit awkward to get through a window)
  15. julie77

    Graphtec Settings - see photo

    Thanks wild goose, but I am about 2 seconds away from throwing it out the window. I have tried everything for 2 weeks now night and day and have lost work over this. No income for 2 weeks is hurting ! I just can't believe there is no one here that can post their settings that has a Graphtec. I bought this from Joto so I can't call uscutter for support. And joto has NO support dispite telling me otherwise when I bought the thing. I am ready to box the thing up and send it back. OVer $2000 and all I got a stress !