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  1. Diva D

    Wall Decal HELP

    Did you have to do anything out of the norm to make it adhere to the wall?
  2. Diva D

    Wall Decal HELP

    Sorry about that. These should be better easy to see. Well, THIS I wouldn't define as slightly textured, would you? Lol. I did ask if the room was recently painted and if so, was a Zero VOC or VOC Free paint used and was told no to all. I'm pretty sure it's the texture. I'm thinking I will just issue the refund as opposed to having a bad review resulting in the loss of sales even though it pains me to do it!!! Thanks so much for your help!
  3. Diva D

    Wall Decal HELP

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum, but stumbled here because I am in desperate need of some advice and also at a complete loss for words!! (Definitely not my norm.) I had a customer write me last night and started the conversation with "Before I review this decal, I just wanted you to know....." I sell on Etsy and for Etsy sellers reviews are everything to them!!! She had said that she couldn't get her decal to stick to the wall. I use Oracal 631. So I asked a series of questions trying to figure out the problem. She did say that her walls are "slightly textured" but then went on to attach these images. This is where the loss for words came into play! In my shop policies it clearly states that this vinyl will stick to any smooth/slightly textured walls and it is not recommended for highly textured walls or in this case I would say Extremely textured walls! Any advice you could give me would really be appreciated!!