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  1. You are right! I watched another video of him without mentioning this.
  2. Thank you for your complete answer, By SC you mean silhouette cameo? If yes isn't it very similar to Cricut? I watched some comparison videos and they seem very similar and the cuts on silhouette cuts leave some white parts around the design. In the videos it uses also a sticky board (can I still use vinyl rolls?) ...
  3. here it shows it can print : In the comments it says it can print on the printable vinyl ... but I don't know oracal is a printable vinyl or not
  4. Hi, " I want to start a small online business on Etsy and sell my designs as (small wall decals and car stickers: max 8*8"). I need some help with cutter and vinyl choice: 1. I did some research for "desktop vinyl cutter" and finally I decided to buy Cricut Explore (air) print and cut. Before buying I want to make sure that it is a good choice: a. Can it do a good quality print on vinyl (ex Oracal 631) for colourful designs b. what other options I have (other than silhouette cameo) with the price range of 300-500$ c. Is it a good choice if I print and cut 10-15 stickers per week? (durability of machine;blades,etc). 2. For wall decal I will buy Oracal 631. Tell me if it is not a good choice. 3. For car stickers I don't know which vinyl I choose (waterproof and lasting at least 5 years) 4. I live in Canada ... Is there a trustable and famous company I can buy supplies and cutter (other than ebay and amazon)