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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I just purchased a Laser point 3 with arms and Vinylmaster pro. I can't figure out contour cutting/ print and cut. I have tried to calibrate my cutter using the Vinylmaster software and nothing. The blade doesn't move when I try to adjust the on-screen offset controls in calibration. So far I have not had a successful ARMS calibration with pen tool yet. I've watched multiple videos and some how when I print things the cutter still isn't reading the registration marks properly. I have tried repositioning my material on top of the registration marks, just inside the marks and just outside the marks and it still isn't cutting right. At this point I'm uncertain if I'm positioning my material wrong or not and I don't know how to calibrate my cutter so that when I print images on heat transfer paper, the blade will cut precisely on the contour lines outline on-screen. If ANYONE has had these problems please HELP!
  2. First off I would like to say thanks for any help! I am new to this forum and have been experiencing issues with my workflow with print and cut. So here is the run down... I am using mac osx with graphtec studio software. I'm printing large format (for stickers), and perf cutting them with my graphtec ce6000-60 plus. I do all my design work in a separate program. images and imported in a .png format. I use the graphtec studio software to add my cut line, then print from the same program. Works great, aside from the print. Ive been noticing when printing, the column to the right and the row at the bottom have inaccurate print alignments. Ive attached an image where you can see the letters in the logo are not lined up, as if it just shifted. To troubleshoot, I saved the file as a pdf, then opened it in viewer and blew it up to actual size. you can see the error in the image itself. I was able to rule out the printer or print head alignment issues. Is there anyone else who has experienced this type of thing with print and cut, and what were your resolutions, if any? If you look at the letter T and the letter H, you can clearly see the shift in the design. I've tried everything i could think of.
  3. Ok, so having a little bit of an issue. I am printing on a printable vinyl with my Epson 1431 with pigment ink then using a cold laminate over them so can be used outdoors then using a USCutter LaserPoint II cutter with SCAL Pro 3. The issue i am having is that the cutter isn't cutting along the lines and so every cut is different. When i go in and do the print cut, after i print the vinyl and place in the cutter, i do a laser alignment then proceed with the alignment of the registration marks. Once all 3 have been aligned, click cut and as you can see from the pics, it is not cutting on the marked lines and not the same on each row. I have tried several different times and same results. I have made sure the alignment of the registration marks are dead on, made sure to calibrate the laser before alignment and cutting, made sure the blade holder is seated and fastened correctly. I have ran a test cut with paper and pen adapter attached and made adjustments and rerun then when i would get it to where i am ok with it, i would run the vinyl and would be off. In the attached picture, i actually did 5 test runs with paper and pen and yet this is still the outcome. I just can't figure out if it is on the software or cutter end. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance......
  4. Hi, " I want to start a small online business on Etsy and sell my designs as (small wall decals and car stickers: max 8*8"). I need some help with cutter and vinyl choice: 1. I did some research for "desktop vinyl cutter" and finally I decided to buy Cricut Explore (air) print and cut. Before buying I want to make sure that it is a good choice: a. Can it do a good quality print on vinyl (ex Oracal 631) for colourful designs b. what other options I have (other than silhouette cameo) with the price range of 300-500$ c. Is it a good choice if I print and cut 10-15 stickers per week? (durability of machine;blades,etc). 2. For wall decal I will buy Oracal 631. Tell me if it is not a good choice. 3. For car stickers I don't know which vinyl I choose (waterproof and lasting at least 5 years) 4. I live in Canada ... Is there a trustable and famous company I can buy supplies and cutter (other than ebay and amazon)
  5. finegirl

    Titan 3 or...

    I am trying to finalize my search for an upgraded cutter in the next 24-48 hours. I have been using the Cricut Expression for 6 years and it is a complete workhorse for the vinyl I have done. I need a bigger and more capable machine, as most of my jobs now require it. At heart, I am still just a girl who likes scrapbooking and making stuff. So, I am intrigued and giddy over the KNK 24" Maxx Air...but the majority of items I cut is strictly vinyl. I like the print and cut feature, I like the ARMS and the motor a true factor? Is there any comparing these two machines or is there a clear direction I should go? Does the Titan 3 cut a wide variety of items well? engrave, etc?
  6. Hey guys, I have never used my print & cut feature, but i would like to learn to take on more projects. I have an espon artisan 1430 inkjet printer, sure cuts alot pro 4, and a titan vinyl cutter. What in your experience is the best printable heat transfer vinyl, and also what have you used that comes in a big pack of sheets. Both must be able to be cut out with my vinyl cutter. Thank you guys for your help!
  7. noosey

    Print and cut problems

    I am trying to print and cut but the plotter cuts half a inch wrong. It reads the registration marks good. I use a graphtec 6000 plotter and Graphtec studio! Anyone??
  8. I am just getting into print and cut decals with my HP310 and Graphtec FC8600. We have some Caution decals to make for farm machinery manufacturer that are Yellow with Black lettering/design. What would most of you do - print both Black/Yellow colors on white vinyl material? Or print the Black on Yellow vinyl material? The rest of their decals will be printed on Oracal 651 white material. TIA