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Found 24 results

  1. Hello All, I'm working with a new Graphtec CE-7000-60, Cutting Master 5, Mac running Ventura. Have a file in illustrator it's 24x36 with registration marks. when I send the file to the cutting master 5 it error with Contour cutting is not supported for multi-page design. The file is one art board. I've searched with my GhD. (google doctorate, LOL) and found something from 2011 about the same error that made no sense. I cannot figure out why it's thinking it's multi-page. I went in and tried to poll the cutter and it always says "cutter not ready" so I adjusted the page size manually, then re-sent the file, when the file is in the software, and the error is up, I cannot change the settings as they're all greyed out. If anyone knows how to get around this please let me know, Thanks in advance, Jeremy
  2. Giovanne

    MH Contour mod

    Has anyone seen this? This guy never finished the kit but it is a great proof of concept. I can program so I wondered if anyone has any info on this. I would like to make one and open-source it. Any info would be great. I am just now getting my MH and didn't realize it didn't have contour cutting so I plan on modifying it.
  3. SO I got a Titan 3 SE a few days ago and I mostly do print and cut, contour cut stuff. I have a Titan 1 that I was using for this and it was fine (using the laser to set the registration marks)... so the Titan 3 has ARMS and that was supposed to cut my workflow down a ton... so on and so forth. Well I can't get the thing the cut accurately. I'll print out let's say 100 3" x 5" rectangles, 5 to a row, 20 deep. The Titan scans the barcode, loads the job, and gets to work. The first row is cut perfectly, then the issues start at the second row. It will cut too high (towards the front) about .5mm and then goes up from every row after that. By the time it's in the middle, it's a good 2mm off. If you let it run without doing any adjustments, it will get back on track and the last couple of rows will be closer and then the last row is perfect. I try this same thing with just 50 rectangles (5 to a row, 10 deep) and it is the same outcome. Using VinylMaster and I have calibrated the ARMS offset and Laser about 100 times, it's dead on when doing the tests and/or practice cuts. The vinyl is being loaded straight (no issues with left to right). I called USCutter support and they said to make sure some options were unchecked (they weren't even on in the first place) so that wasn't the issue (for reference, they said "Tight Packing", "Force Position", and "Preserve Cutting Order" but again they were never on to begin with). Anyone have any clues as to why this is happening? At this point I'll try anything. This ARMS stuff was supposed to make my life so much easier but all it's done so far is cost me money.
  4. mailman

    corel 2017

    Cannot get contour or border to cut inside of letters. I can set contour around font but not the center such as on R or O. Thanks, Mark
  5. Hello, I got an SC2 in December. I use it to cut HTV and its other purpose was supposed to be to contour cut my stickers, which has been a big fat fail. I have been hand cutting intricate shapes because I can't seem to get this thing to do its job. I no longer have time to be hand cutting dozens of West Virginias or whatever else. I would also like to make sticker sheets, but alas, can't get the darn thing to line up correctly. HOW does one simply contour cut?!?! 1. My sticker vinyl is 8.5x11 so I have it on a carrier sheet to ensure the page doesn't slip out before the cut is done. 2. I've tried setting the origin based on the reg mark from the machine, and from VinylMaster as well. 3. I've tried turning the image 180* to see if that was the issue. 4. I've tried moving the paper around. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks, Rachel
  6. We're looking for a value vinyl cutter that can do contour cutting without being driven by VM, SCAL, or similar software. We plan to use our design software (Inkscape) to add registration marks to our images and to generate the HP-GL toolpath jobs. We would send the jobs to the cutter using Inkscape's Plot extension or a tool like InkCut. USCutter support tells me that the SC2 offers an ability to line up the laser from the control panel on the machine but that they only document contour cutting with VM. Can anyone confirm that the laser can be positioned for contour cutting alignment from the control panel without VM, SCAL, etc. on the SC2 (and/or other value models like the LP2)? Pointers to information about this feature would be appreciated. Alternatively, is the serial protocol for the positioning process documented for implementation outside of VM or SCAL?
  7. GM Store

    Why, I can't cut contour

    A couple of months ago, I bought a cutter Titan 3 SE ARMS Contour Cut Vinyl Cutting Plotter & VinylMaster Cut Software, Special Edition, and tried for more than 30 times to cut the contour, in fact I've followed each of the steps that they mention and do in the videos and what it explains in the instructions of the software itself. but it does not work, since it always cuts to half an inch, another quarter, and finishes aligning the blades. I have printed more than 15 times the test of cutting contour and that does not work. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, I would like to thank them very much, since I do not have much experience.
  8. I have VinylMaster Cut. Titan 3 cutter. Trying to use contour cutting. But the cut is way off. I have tried time and time again to "calibrate" so that it cuts correctly. How do I set this up so it cuts correctly?? I am sick and tired of the lack of support for both this cutter AND VinylMaster Cut. Can anyone help?? Guide me to get this calibrated?? Arrgghhh!
  9. When i do a contour cutting on my Graphterc ce6000-60 the display always show 'off scale' while it scans a registration mark and it cuts slightly off the printed graphics.. i arrange every thing and give registration mark from corelDraw and Export it in tiff file and print it on my large format printer and cut it from corel using cuttingmaster3. But when i print directly from coreldraw to my epson L805 printer on a4 heat transferpaper it shows 'off scale' but it cut perfectly on where i want to cut.Am i Doing something wrong or is there anything that i am not doing.
  10. I have a graphtec ce 6000 (2ft) plotter, and whenever i do a long sheet(vinyl) cutting and when the cutting process reached the end of the vinyl the vinyl sqeezed in the center between the pinch roller making the viny bulge in the center.. because of this reason i get an error in contour cutting. how can i solve this
  11. Our school is wanting a near-life-size self-adhesive decal (something that can adhere to painted wood) of a local celebrity created. The finished item will be 24" x 5'. The image will be printed on a HP Z2100 which uses an aqueous pigment ink. My plan is to then contour cut the image using my Titan 3. I have never attempted to create something of this size, so I'm looking for recommendations of media that will allow the aqueous pigment ink to adhere, has a self-adhesive backing, and that can be contour cut with my Titan 3. All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  12. HolyMoley

    New Cutter Advice Needed

    Hello everyone. I've spent countless hours over the last couple of weeks researching cutters in an effort to find the best unit for our needs that fits within our modest budget of $1000. I will be doing some detail oriented cutting. So from what I've garnered so far it seems I would want a unit with servos both for the accuracy in cutting and in tracking material for longer cuts. I will also be doing some contour cutting. Considering our budget and these needs I have more or less settled on either: The 50" Titan II with LaserPoint, or The 28" Titan III with ARMS, or The 54" Titan III with ARMS All of these are presently sub $1000 cutters. The Titan II has LaserPoint which is a manual way to register for contour cutting. I have watched videos and from what I've seen it appears to be pretty accurate, but I was wondering how it stacks up to the accuracy of a cutter using ARMS, especially in longer (4-5 ft) cuts. It has a one year warranty and is the least expensive of the three by several hundred dollars. The Titan III 28" is the smallest I would feel comfortable with, and I would be hesitant at that. I'm afraid the narrow width would potentially limit what we could cut down the road. But it does have a two year warranty. The Titan III 54" is being offered through a sister company of US Cutter who specializes in offloading closeout equipment at a very good price, in fact the same exact price as the Titan III 28" (but with $150 shipping charge). However there are a couple of huge caveats that go along with this special price: 1, NO warranty or support 2, potential problems with the unit itself. I have read that the 54" Titan III cannot accurately track and/or cut certain common widths of material, such as 12" or 24" due to the roller placements. I'm assuming this issue is why these units are being closed out. To overcome this limitation I would simply not buy rolls cut to the widths the machine has problems with. Does anyone have experience with any of these machines? How important is a warranty? Do these machines commonly break within the first year or two where the warranty would come into play? I really would like to place my order today or tomorrow, but I am having a hard time deciding which is the best option, so any help/advice would be most greatly appreciated.
  13. Ok, so having a little bit of an issue. I am printing on a printable vinyl with my Epson 1431 with pigment ink then using a cold laminate over them so can be used outdoors then using a USCutter LaserPoint II cutter with SCAL Pro 3. The issue i am having is that the cutter isn't cutting along the lines and so every cut is different. When i go in and do the print cut, after i print the vinyl and place in the cutter, i do a laser alignment then proceed with the alignment of the registration marks. Once all 3 have been aligned, click cut and as you can see from the pics, it is not cutting on the marked lines and not the same on each row. I have tried several different times and same results. I have made sure the alignment of the registration marks are dead on, made sure to calibrate the laser before alignment and cutting, made sure the blade holder is seated and fastened correctly. I have ran a test cut with paper and pen adapter attached and made adjustments and rerun then when i would get it to where i am ok with it, i would run the vinyl and would be off. In the attached picture, i actually did 5 test runs with paper and pen and yet this is still the outcome. I just can't figure out if it is on the software or cutter end. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance......
  14. I'm in trouble. I Snipping Plotter Creation CTO 1200. It records the points with the knife, not the laserpoint. As I do contour cutting in Plotter Creation CTO 1200 with LaserPoint ?? Thank you very much in advance.
  15. Hi, I am pretty new to vinyl cutting but I've gotten pretty good at basic sign lettering and one color window decals, as well as layered multi-color decals. I'm now trying y hand at contour cutting printed vinyl decals and I've hit a wall...In SCAL3pro I'm trying to print the image (.png brought in from Inkscape) but it either prints only the registration marks, or it errors out on the plotter saying 'no pages were generated'. Plotter is an Oce Colorwave 650. My main question is, how do you print a .png image with registration marks from SCAL? I've searched high and low and only see reference to Signblazer or other software that didn't come with my Laserpoint II cutter. Since this is thesoftware that was provided with the cutter, and the LPII is supposedly a contour cutting machine, what am I doing wrong? I've been going to the File>Print menu, selecting the plotter and checking the Print with registration marks' and 'Print outlines only'. I've also tried checking only the 'Print with registration marks' and still no luck...This seems like it should be a simple thing, but it has me stumped. Does anyone have experience with this, or know of any tutorials that actually relate to SCAL? I tried to attach the file in question but it says it's too big. Thanks!
  16. Chapster5

    Contour Cutting Issue

    Hi all new here, I'm however not so new to signblazer. I have been using it for a year now but cutting vinyl stickers only today I've toyed with the idea of contour cutting and to play I am using one of those paper craft kits you print and build to make a 3D model. I have vectorized the image into an EPS (full colour) however when I import it into Signblazer to add the outline cut and registration marks it imports in black and white? I have to print using Signblazer dont I as it adds its registration marks but I don't want the image in black and white? I'm struggling to understand what I am doing wrong I am using Illustrator CS6 and saving the EPS as version Illustrator CS6 EPS. I have even tried Illustrator 8 EPS and neither import as full colour into Signblazer. I have attached the EPS file if someone could kindly shed some light on my predicament please? EPS File: Much appreciated. Nick
  17. I've recently started playing around with contour cutting. Basically, I ordered some 8.5x11 vinyl for my desktop printer, to print and cut with. I am using Draw X5 for my design, and then Flexi 8.1 for my print and contour cutting. I print my design out with my printer, usually just one decal, instead of a whole page. I use FlexiSign Pro 8.1 to make my contour, and it also prints the Reg marks for me properly and all that jazz, I use my MH721 plotter with the Pen tool to help line me reg marks up, I can usually get them right on, yet my contour cut doesn't come out right. I don't really know where to go from here. It seems like its just stretching out my contour or maybe my print didn't scale correctly, not totally sure. Maybe someone can help me solve this problem. I've had success contour cutting with this same setup, but only on small items, or very very simple contours. (On the images attached, the rectangle is from me playing with the Compensation factor, which lines up good. Roughly 0.015625 of an inch off. That small margin should cause the contour to be that far off.) Any suggestions? It would be super nice to get this to work somehow, would really help out my business and my turn around times for the customers who order 8.5x11 sheets of decals.
  18. Does anyone have a link to a video or instructions showing how to contour cut with a SC series cutter? Thanx, Rob
  19. I am a beginner, using corel draw and graphtec plotter. I am making cups and water bottles for my son's baseball/football team and i am running into a problem, i am sure it is staring me right in the face, ugh! Please see attached photo. My question/problem: I've been using my contour tool to get outlines around the word baseball/football and around aunt, Grammy or whatever term of endearment, and also around baseball/football, each on their own. how do I get an outline after grouping all 3 together? After I group them, my contour/apply is greyed out. I want to put a black background around all 3 to make it pop? Does that make sense? (Kinda like the baseball mom cup but I want a thicker outline) poor football cups need some help, look lame. Thank u so much in advance for your help, hope my question makes sense!
  20. I have seen the phrase 'contour cutting' a lot in these forums. Well, the real purpose of contour cutting (with the laser alignment feature) is to first print a decal and then, cut around the edges. The laser allows for the cutter to understand where to begin, and proceed to follow the contour paths from there. However, what about those of us who are NOT printing anything. Can we do contours around our texts and designs? Yep. The trick is to use the OUTLINE method.
  21. I have just got flex8.5 and very new to it. Any help on how to contour cut would be really helpfull. I have an image that i have run through vector magic and installed in flex it has a red outline with plot lines around it. How do i change the outline colour and be able to move the outline in a bit to not get any white edges. Also how do i insert plot marks to send to my printer ready to cut. Please explain in simplton terms many thanks.
  22. plugy

    cutter not cutting to plot line

    I have flexi 8.1 with a liyu cutter and cannon printer. Running windows 7 64bit to get working i am running it in xp compatible mode. I import a bitmap, transparent, then contour cut to select the outline i want. Send to printer it prints with registration marks. It then sends to cutter when i set up the optical eye on the marks it starts to cut. BUT doesn't cut round the image it is like an inch of, how do i get it to cut accurately
  23. Hey All -- I have a FC7000-MK2 that is causing me some headaches. When I cut straight lines in either direction I can set the speed of the plotter as I always do, no issues. However when I have anything that has a curve to it I can watch the head assembly / blade chatter and I get a jagged cut edge. If I back the speed all the way down I get an acceptable cut but it obviously takes FOREVER. I've cleaned up the rails and the platen and everything else I can find on it with no improvement. Graphtec support suggested updating the firmware but my plotter has a dead usb port so I can only use serial. I've been like this for a couple years (connection pc to plotter) Does anyone have any other ideas? --- THANKS for any suggestions !!!
  24. I have updated for flexi 8.1 to 8.6 because my liyu cutter inst cutting to the contour line, But it is still the same, i have calibrated my plotter so the cutter sits over the optical eye mark. The optical eye follows the contour line instead of the cutter so is of the distance between the the cutter and optical eye. How do i rectify this pulling hair out