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Found 13 results

  1. Hello All, I'm working with a new Graphtec CE-7000-60, Cutting Master 5, Mac running Ventura. Have a file in illustrator it's 24x36 with registration marks. when I send the file to the cutting master 5 it error with Contour cutting is not supported for multi-page design. The file is one art board. I've searched with my GhD. (google doctorate, LOL) and found something from 2011 about the same error that made no sense. I cannot figure out why it's thinking it's multi-page. I went in and tried to poll the cutter and it always says "cutter not ready" so I adjusted the page size manually, then re-sent the file, when the file is in the software, and the error is up, I cannot change the settings as they're all greyed out. If anyone knows how to get around this please let me know, Thanks in advance, Jeremy
  2. Hi everyone Damsel in complete & utter DISTRESS here Trust me to have a plotter & software with hardly any troubleshooting help anywhere ...... pixmax720 cutter with easy cut pro  To be fair, the software seems pretty decent, I can cut normally but when it comes to contour cutting it is malfunctioning when it comes to setting up registration marks....I'll set the 3rd bottom right registration mark up as the origin point then follow the on screen instructions to set the other 2 up If I'm lucky, it will let me set them up no problem but will cut the contour too high up from the design and smaller sometimes even Or it starts going haywire when trying to set the other registration marks up by not allowing the cursors to control the laser properly..... I've been trying for 4 days now, to the point where I dunno what to do next I've calibrated it by marking the middle of a cut "X" several times aswell as setting the X & Y to zero as advised by someone Nothing works Can anyone please please help me? Could the registration marks be too small?
  3. Good evening all, I made a post a little over a month ago about having issues with my 68" Titan 3 getting lost during contour cutting. I am still having some issues with this, and looking for some guidance. For reference, I have calibrated the ARMS, I have calibrated the Laser for Barcode scanning, I have calibrated cutter scale. I can not seem to get anywhere here. In the example below I have printed (35) 6" x 3" decals (7 columns, 5 rows), on 54" wide material with lamination. No matter whether I use the ARMS marks, or barcode scanner the results are the same. What happens, is the laser will scan either the reg marks/barcode and get to work. All of the decals on the outside edges (So the first row, last row, first column, last column) will come out perfectly. However all other decals will come out with the contour hugging the bottom of the decal. (See photos below). I am at a loss of what to do. I've tried laminated vs un laminated. I've done all the calibrations a dozen times, I've tried different blades, I have reset the blade heights, I have even gotten all the skew to nearly zero, I have even left a print rolled up to get any curling out over night,ut I still have the same results. Still always the same issue. All the decals close to the reg marks are good, all others are not. This issue is also very repeatable. I can take a group like below, cut them. The middle decals will all be off. So I will rerun the cut program, and the cutter will trace right back over all the previous cuts INCLUDING all of the decals that it was misaligned on.
  4. Hey Guys, I'm a newbie in the cutters world. I have a Graphtec CE-Lite 50 and cannot get on with a contour cutting. I use Corel Draw & Cutting Master 4. I open the image in corel draw, I make a boundary to get a contour around my image, put a registration mark on too and then I copy the contour to a new tab. I print the image from corel draw including registration marks. Put the printed sheet into the cutter set everything up, the machine scans and sees the registration marks as well. I send the job the copied contour to the cutter to do the cut and it does the contour cut perfectly but the cut is slipped off the print for some reason. It doesn't cut the printed image around it does the exact same shape but slipped off the image a few millimetres... I have literally spent my whole day to try to figure this out, but I couldn't get on with it. Any help would be much appreciated, because I have absolutely no idea how to sort this out. Thanks in advance
  5. I'm looking to purchase a new plotter reality soon. Can anyone suggest a good one that can do contour cutting as well as being able to cut materials such as phototex?
  6. I purchased the Table Titan 3 a week ago and have attempted contour cutting. I calibrated the laser and ARMS. When I use the pen mode for the practice sheets, outlines are almost perfect except cut line is slightly closer to image on the right side versus left side. However, when using the 45 degree blade to contour cut multiples in the same file, the first image is almost perfect but gets more off center with each cut as it proceeds. Any suggestions or thoughts on what I may be doing wrong? Thanks for helping!
  7. mazeone

    Contour cutting on SC2

    Hi All, I have been pulling my hair out the last couple of weeks. I can't find a good solution to do large contour cuts on the SC2. Its part of the reason why I bought the machine. I am running a mac with Sure Cuts Alot Pro 3. I am trying to print a large photo on adhesive photo paper (roughly 24"x24") then contour cut it on the SC2. Sure Cuts Alot wont export a printable file with contour cutting marks. I have even tried taking a screen shot and aligning it in photo shop. I have also tried to export a svg file with ".regmarks" in the layer name with a rectangle around what I am trying to cut. supposedly that is supposed to make reg marks in sure cuts alot pro 3 but it never works! Is there a better software out there? I tried signcut pro 2 but it wont even import any svg or ai file - so its kind of useless. All the best, Mazeone
  8. My XC-540 printer will not stay calibrated. I can get it set then on the next job it will be off by 1/2 inch or so. What might be the problem? when I calibrate I always 0 it out, then set calibration is this the correct way?
  9. hello, i am trying to contour cut a t shirt transfer paper 11X17 using sure cuts 3 however when i try to select my second registration mark the plotter just feeds the paper up back and forth. I've tried to re calibrate my laser but i still get the same results, I've even tried to call customer service and they help to re calibrate the laser however it still is not allowing me to select the second registration mark without the paper feeding back and forth leaving me to have to hit the cancel button. any suggestions would be helpful, Thanks
  10. Hi all, new in the forum. I have the following issue: When cutting a contour with the laserpoint the cutter fails producing also like a "mirror cut" on the right side of the plotter. You can find a attached image that better explains the problem. Thank you in advance
  11. Hello, I have used the boards for the last few months and it has really excelled my knowledge and ability, Thank You! So I have been looking to see if i can use black vinyl as the "printer" so i can contour cut a design. I am not looking to do anything complicated to start, but basically I have a few designs in black vinyl i want to cut and weed out with registration marks on my titan2, then overlay it on white vinyl to contour cut them into uniform 3x11 bumper stickers. I know that I can manually cut them but my ocd would not allow for it and I would throw it all away if they are not correctly centered. Has anyone successfully done this and bypasses the printer? Thanks!
  12. I made this video a while ago, but thought I should share it with the group. It shows how I use the effect --> contour cut to make an outline of some text for some lettering. It allows for me to create a layered set of outlines to cut on my laserpoint 24 and create some RTA (ready to apply) lettering.
  13. Hi ! Sometimes I need to be able to contour cut some signs I print... My prints are done after RIP with Maintop on another machine and unfortunately I can not use Signblazer to print... I can print registration marks anywhere, that is no big deal... I read and followed the steps describing how to print and cut using signblazer here : http://support.uscut...with-signblazer I can align the registration marks in 'print / registration' so I could make SignBlazer aware of their position (first image, aligned 5cm out of a square) But the registration marks appear at a different location in 'cut a print' ... (second image-square size and position unchanged but registration marks have moved) This is so frustrating ! Registration marks in print and cut should be in the same place right ? Does anybody have any idea why this is happening ? Is there a setting I am missing ? Is anyone contour cutting images printed with other software? Anyone have an idea where the registration marks are placed by default ? (If there is such thing as a default... I could work out where to print them...) Any hint/idea/trick will be appreciated ! If I get this working I would be happy to write-up and share my own how-to... Thanks !!!