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  1. Good evening all, I made a post before about having issues with the contour cutting feature on my Titan 3 68". US Cutter was gracious enough to send me out a new motherboard (Thanks US Cutter!). I went ahead earlier today and swapped out the board. The process was straight forward (I am an engineer by day, so playing with PCBs is not daunting for me). Except for having to deal with the hot glue on all the ribbon cables and connector housings. I fired the cutter up, ran all the calibration test but ran into a big problem. I can't get the Y-Axis to move further than 613mm (24.13") without stopping. If I try and run a cut that is larger than the size, it will fault out and read "OVER SIZED PLEASE RESET". Has anyone else had issues with this before after swapping out boards on a cutter? I am wondering if I recieved a board that is programed for a 24"/28" version and not the 68" version. I will wait for US Cutter support to get back to me, but want to hear if anyone else experienced this before. Thanks!
  2. Good evening all, I made a post a little over a month ago about having issues with my 68" Titan 3 getting lost during contour cutting. I am still having some issues with this, and looking for some guidance. For reference, I have calibrated the ARMS, I have calibrated the Laser for Barcode scanning, I have calibrated cutter scale. I can not seem to get anywhere here. In the example below I have printed (35) 6" x 3" decals (7 columns, 5 rows), on 54" wide material with lamination. No matter whether I use the ARMS marks, or barcode scanner the results are the same. What happens, is the laser will scan either the reg marks/barcode and get to work. All of the decals on the outside edges (So the first row, last row, first column, last column) will come out perfectly. However all other decals will come out with the contour hugging the bottom of the decal. (See photos below). I am at a loss of what to do. I've tried laminated vs un laminated. I've done all the calibrations a dozen times, I've tried different blades, I have reset the blade heights, I have even gotten all the skew to nearly zero, I have even left a print rolled up to get any curling out over night,ut I still have the same results. Still always the same issue. All the decals close to the reg marks are good, all others are not. This issue is also very repeatable. I can take a group like below, cut them. The middle decals will all be off. So I will rerun the cut program, and the cutter will trace right back over all the previous cuts INCLUDING all of the decals that it was misaligned on.
  3. I have not done that, but thats a really wise idea to do. I'll try that tomorrow. Without looking, theres a calibration module within Vinylmaster XPT to adjust for sizing of the cutter itself isn't there? The only calibrations I did on the machine was for both ARMS and Barcode.
  4. Good evening everyone, So I recently purchased a Titan 3 68" about a week ago, and I've been tinkering around with it and it seems to be pretty a solid upgrade from my trusty MH 871-MK2 I used for years. The speed, and quietness is pretty nice. Racing is how I got into this whole deal, and I've been doing cars with manual vinyl for about 5 years. I recently stumbled across a good HP Latex at the beginning of the year, and have finally got it running. So I needed a cutter to go along with it, and I've been happy with my US Cutter MH 871 for years, a lot of people frown on them, but you just need to learn how to adapt around the machine. I've made tons of money with it. Doing vinyl work is a side gig for me, my day job is a mechanical engineer. So I didn't want to jump into the big penny Graphtec's right off the bat. As I was unsure how all this would unfold for me. So that being said, alignment with the Titan 3. I feel like I have most the kinks worked out, but I am having alignment issues front to back, not so much side to side. I line my vinyl up, even out the pinch rollers on the sides, and check for no to minimal skew from front to back of the work. I just got done with doing a piece, and it seems like it was off consistently about 1/16" to 1/8" front to back, but right on the money left to right with maybe a bit of variance. This was about a 35" long piece. Now, that being said I am laminating these prints, and I am half wondering if the barcode markings are "curling" when the laser reads over them and that is causing my misalignment issue front to back. I am just looking for some input here as to how to better set myself up for success with contour cutting. When cutting laminated pieces, do you recommend rolling the vinyl up and leaving it over night to fight against the curling at the edges? Should I be recalibrating the cutter daily? Do you prefer the barcode scanner, or using the ARMS scanner? I am pretty confident I will get this all figured out, just takes some time and patience. Leave your input, if it doesn't help me, it may help some others in the future. Thanks!
  5. I'm glad to see I am not the only one who has been having issues with lack of communication with FutureCorp. I have been in contact with both Olivia and Tony both over the last month. But only seem to get a reply from them once every week and a half. I feel bad as I have been pestering them every few days to get some help. Finally reached out to me last week to set up a time for a remote session but that was 7 days ago now. Ive messaged them since for an update but no dice. For reference I opened my ticket up at the end of February and it still hasn't been resolved. Really enjoy the VM software as I've used it for about 4 years now. Hope to hear something back soon as I'm actively paying for VM XPT but can't utilize it.