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  1. inkuyo

    Metallic Silver Mirror on a shirt

    I will see what I can do. I plan on having my son wear one. The press above was on an old shirt. FYI this is on the specifications: Metallic wrinkles and cracks after washing, creating a vintage look that's perfect for today's retro fashion trends.
  2. Here is our test shirt for a boys gymnastics meet that we are doing other shirts for. We will have a handfull of these to press up if some of the boys want them. On my laserpoint 24 with pressure at 140 and speed at 40. A little thicker and slower to cut.
  3. inkuyo

    My first post,be gentle.....

    Looks great, but what a weeding nightmare. How many did you make?
  4. inkuyo

    Plumbers Van

    Yes I got my magnet. Wouldn't want to loose those. However, did not work on the hood since it is aluminum. The guy wants his car done and some signs too.
  5. inkuyo

    Plumbers Van

    Here is a plumbers van I did over the weekend.
  6. I made this video a while ago, but thought I should share it with the group. It shows how I use the effect --> contour cut to make an outline of some text for some lettering. It allows for me to create a layered set of outlines to cut on my laserpoint 24 and create some RTA (ready to apply) lettering.
  7. inkuyo

    Easy weed time lapse video

    I will make one with a different color. Pretty cool program on android called 'lapse it'. That was my first video.
  8. Here is a little video I did with a time lapse of weeding a project for a shirt.
  9. inkuyo

    Banners & A-Boards

    Some Banner and A-Board Samples
  10. inkuyo

    Glass & Vehicles

    Graphics on Glass and vehicles
  11. inkuyo

    Wall Art

    Wall Art Items
  12. inkuyo


    Graphics on Clothing
  13. inkuyo


    Various Signs I have created
  14. inkuyo

    name brand hoodies

    Or Champion.
  15. anyone know a wholesaler for adidas and nike hoodies? Sanmar doesn't have them.