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  1. xpfguy

    ok font master, help need

    Findmyfont $49... I'm sold!! thanks
  2. xpfguy

    ok font master, help need

    Yes that worked with a little tweak on the T. on my coreldraw under Text options there is a selection for Whatthefont?! but it not highlighted select-able?
  3. xpfguy

    ok font master, help need

    is this full custom or a actual font?
  4. xpfguy

    Font help

    Dang that was good... I guess when you don't have them they are harder to find.
  5. xpfguy

    Font help

    Dang that was good... I guess when you don't have them they are harder to find.
  6. xpfguy

    Font help

    I just searched and I can't find this... help please
  7. xpfguy

    my sublimation review

    Dusty from sitting around waiting for the printer fairy to come fix it, she never showed up.
  8. xpfguy

    my sublimation review

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AVtPgTEF08 I guess it's my fault for not doing some investigation before spending hard earned money.
  9. xpfguy

    Are there any Mac users out there?

    I use a 08 MacbookPro and an even older mini with CS5 and never noticed and lagging other than tracing a large multicolor design. I also upgraded both to SSD hard drives and could not be happier. Recently i've been using Microsoft Surface Pro to do everything. It's an amazing tablet... CS5, Corel Draw, iDesignR all work flawless. Jason
  10. xpfguy

    New etching for my shop

    very cool
  11. xpfguy


    looks nice. might try to make the boat with outlines. reason is when someone wears a shirt like that or similar with a large solid piece of heat transfer it becomes a hot spot on the shirt. no air flow and tends to make a stick sweaty spot. HTV is great but not for doing large solid designs, try to outline. my 2 pennies
  12. xpfguy

    font master, i need you

    I made this a few years ago and now can not find the font. saved all versions with type create outline. I will not do that going forward. probably an easy one but i can't find it.
  13. xpfguy

    Needing Help.. Yet AGAIN!

    I was going to suggest make sure you blade holder did not come loose… that happen to me one Also making sure your pinch rollers are clean. both of these would cause some poor cuts.. or worse
  14. oh.. and a real sharp new blade one class I took, we were told on certain material you may need to snap the blade off about every 6 feet to maintain a clean cut.