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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I've been trying to set up my Seiki 720T Vinyl Cutter, however I cannot get hold of the drivers required for it to work properly on my computer. I have scoured the web and checked the seikitech forums, however they seem to be down and only displaying the message: " Upgrading the forum... Don't worry, we will be back shortly with an updated forum. It will only be a minute ;)." If anyone knows where I can get the drivers required at this point in time, that would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, when plugged in, the only changes in the device manager are under the USB heading rather than the Ports (COM & LPT). Is this due to the lack of drivers or is it just a misunderstanding between me and the tutorial videos I've been following? Thanks in advance
  2. hi, i have an old graphtec fc3100-120 cutter. it used to be connected to a very old mac that died. now i want to connect it to a newer pc, i have got signblazer elements, got the connecter cable and linked them up, set the cutter to HP-GL mode, but now a bit stuck, someone reccomended that i need a driver for the pc, is there any free ones i can get to see if it works? and is there any other things i might need to do? thanks
  3. I have been trying to install the MH 871 cutter for weeks now with no progress. It simply appears as USB SERIAL CH340 (COM 7) in device manager.
  4. I recently purchased the SC2 and have been trying to download the drivers for it with zero luck. I have clicked the link to download for windows. When I open it, there are no apps/files to run for downloading the drivers. Anyone know how to resolve this?
  5. Hopefully this becomes a sticky but the latest FTDI (Future Technology Devices International Ltd.) VCP (Virtual COM Port) drivers for both the COPAM and IOLINE line of cutters (it's possible more cutters use the FTDI drivers too and if so, then these will work for those cutters also) available on Windows, Mac and Linux (More operating systems available on their site. All versions including 32-bit and 64-bit) can be downloaded at Be sure to look at the far right Comments Section of the table to find the link named "Available as a SETUP EXECUTABLE" to download to have the easiest way to install the drivers. There are installation guides for all OS's too. Note: FTDI VCP drivers work for all Copam and Ioline Smartrac series of cutters. These drivers are constantly updated. Check back occasionally to refresh your drivers.
  6. v1sualFX

    bought a used cutter...

    I am the newest of the greenhorns in the cutter world, i purchased a used Tc model cutter from a gentleman whos uncle passed away. Unfortunately he cannot find any software or any drivers that might have come with it or any that his uncle may have purchased. My question is, where to start? I have flexiSIGN10 however i the TC model doesnt come up when trying to install my Uscutter. am i just stuck with a cutter that wont work because of the lack drivers? Im searching for downloads and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I have a new computer and it wont allow me to download the driver. contacted online us cutter support and they sent me to the ftdi site to download directly but I am still not able to download. Please help!
  8. fustratedinhawaii

    Bridge Cutting Plotter (new to me) HELP

    Aloha Everyone, Came for help. I spent a lot of hours looking for the right help, but can't find it, so I succumb to join this forum so I can post and ask the stupid question: How do I make this machine work properly? This is the computer I am using that has Windows 8 on it: *note: there is no serial or parallel port on this machine, only usb ASUS ALL-IN-ONE PC SERIES Processor: Intel ® Core 13-3220 CPU @3.30 GHz 3.30 GHz Installed memory (RAM): 6.00 GB (5.89GB useable) System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor Pen and Touch: No Pen or Touch input is available for this Display I'm on a kayak forum like this one, so I know when newbies come and ask the same old question that has been answered a thousand times, it gets frustrating for the "old timers". After a lot of hours though, I thought it was time to give it up (register so I can post) as I have 3 part time jobs and don't have 30 more hours to try different "search words or phrases"....Maybe you can send me a link I might have missed or just tell me step by step? Ok now....CAN ANYONE BE MY MENTOR??? I have a brand new (to me) Bridge Cutting Plotter PRO365/720/870/1100/1350 (says on the front page of the instruction manual, but I don't know which one exactly I have. The sticky label came off the machine, though the serial number is: 4078 on the silver label. What I think I need to ask though, is since I think this is a 2005/2006 machine, I think I have to use CorelDraw, but what version? I'm assuming that since this is an older machine, it won't work with a newer version of CorelDraw. I have a friend with an older model Cricut try to help me, but the installation disks didn't work and also, we can't read Chinese. Instruction manual was pretty confusing for me also (at least for us). My All-in-one computer doesn't have a serial or parallel port, only usb (which in the manual, this is the LEAST favorable way to go) The installation disks didn't seem to work as far as the drivers I need for it, or at least if there WERE drivers for it, it didn't work (and then it's proprietary, so after the 2 month eval period, I'd STILL be screwed). To figure out which model I have, the built-in ruler goes from 0-28 inches, but the plotting pen starts at 3 inches, so I'm assuming it's actually a 25 inch cutter/plotter? Does this make it a PRO720 or a PRO870 ?? I got this machine from a girl that bought it brand new some years ago, took it out of the box, and never touched it after that. THANKS IN ADVANCE FH (Frustrated in Hawaii) p.s. On my friend's Cricut, he got an older version, so he tried Inkscape, and he said it was nasty, the graphics and came out really bad and fuzzy when he uploaded images. He found "sure cuts a lot" and it works AWESOME!! SUPER user friendly, etc. but he looked it up and it doesn't work for my machine
  9. Hi guys, after using my Refine MH-721 for the past 2 years on my windows xp PC, I have had to re-format the OS and can't for the life of me remember how I set the drivers up. I shall try to include as much info as possible. WINDOWS XP SP3 - I would design the artwork in vector graphics software, then export as .cmx files. I would then load these .cmx files into Coreldraw 12, convert everything to hairline outlines and cut through 'Print'. This has served me extremely well and I have cut huge signs/graphics using this. I was using the USB connection, always. DRIVERS - My cutter was set up as a Printer using the Roland GX-500 drivers. I have all the drivers still saved but here is my problem: When I connect my cutter to the PC, it shows under Device Manager as 'USB2.0toSerial'. When installing the Roland drivers, it asks me for a COM port but I cannot then match this to what is in Device Manager as the Cutter isn't assigned a COM port. I'm sure it's a trivial/simple step I'm missing but it's been so long I can't remember. Do I need to install the USB drivers first, followed by the Roland GX-500 driver? I have everything I need already such as the drivers/software but can't remember how I actually set everything up. I would appreciate urgent help, step-by-step guide, as I have a sign to install tomorrow. Thanks.
  10. I am pulling my hair out over this!!!!!!!!! I've been designing and cutting maybe a year now. I use CorelDraw x5 to design and export to SignBlazer for cutting. What's the problem you ask? When I import to SignBlazer there are nodes that are created that are not in the original and it takes me hours to delete them. I think that all my problems will be solved if I were able to cut directly from CorelDraw. I have an MH 721 ( and a USB to Serial adapter cable (http://www.usbfirewi...rr-usb-017.html). How can I cut directly from CorelDraw. I have been trying to find drivers, install my MH 721 as a printer and I've got nothing accomplished. I've literally been trying to accomplish this for 3 weeks. I think I've read every forum here on the topic and have tried to follow them all to no avail. Can anyone explain to me from Step 0 to completion? I read responses here (http://forum.uscutte...ack-cut-direct/) and hope someone can help can help fix this My equipment: PC- Inspiron mini - Cutter - MH 721 - Null modem cable - Scanner cable - (not used when trying setup printing) Thanks
  11. plugy

    cutter not cutting to plot line

    I have flexi 8.1 with a liyu cutter and cannon printer. Running windows 7 64bit to get working i am running it in xp compatible mode. I import a bitmap, transparent, then contour cut to select the outline i want. Send to printer it prints with registration marks. It then sends to cutter when i set up the optical eye on the marks it starts to cut. BUT doesn't cut round the image it is like an inch of, how do i get it to cut accurately