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  1. DDonald

    SC2 Drivers

    Looks like I've got it to where I have to wait until the progress bar completes and it says the job is finished and then it starts to cut. Major pain since that takes away from the benefit of a faster machine but at least it's cutting. Thanks for the help. I will definitely be looking into that adapter. I just have to get through the next few days!
  2. DDonald

    SC2 Drivers

    It finally responded but not well..haha. The cutter I had before had some of the same issues. When I click cut, it doesn't move on the cutter but acts like it's cutting in the software. I had to unplug from the usb port EVERY time I made a cut. I've got to be close but...
  3. DDonald

    SC2 Drivers

    Do you know if I can run scal4 with this cutter? I finally got the cutter to work with vinylmaster but I'm in a crunch and don't have the time to learn a whole new software right now. All my files are scal files.
  4. DDonald

    SC2 Drivers

    I know I'm new at this, but it shouldn't be this difficult...what am I missing?
  5. DDonald

    SC2 Drivers

    the owner's manual says to download drivers from here. I downloaded it but there's no execution (is that the right term?) for it
  6. I recently purchased the SC2 and have been trying to download the drivers for it with zero luck. I have clicked the link to download for windows. When I open it, there are no apps/files to run for downloading the drivers. Anyone know how to resolve this?