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    Why is SignBlazer doing this?

    OK so I made a work around for it. I just closed the path and pasted it into sb then removed the unwanted part of the path. For whatever reason it allowed me to edit the nodes when it was closed and allowed it to remain open and cut it perfectly. Maybe it will help someone else out. btw, what I'm doing is creating a handwriting template or system to hand write notes for me (autopen) because my handwriting is the worst.
  2. PapierDeLys

    Why is SignBlazer doing this?

    Why is signblazer adding this extra line to my cut? Why won't it allow me to edit the vectors? I created a single stroke path of my signature and it works well right until where it connects back to the start point. I don't want that. How do I get it to stop? I created the path in Illistrator then pasted it into SB. The file won't import for the life of me. When I try to edit the nodes, I get an error message and the whole thing crashes. Help?
  3. PapierDeLys

    Differences between SignBlazer Elements

    I would also like to know this
  4. PapierDeLys

    How do you convert a font to single line?

    Were you ever able to run it through signblazer? I've been trying to and it keeps connecting the open ends. I want to get exactly what the originator was trying to accomplish and can't seem to figure it out. I have a few single stroke fonts and ai and signblazer keeps connecting them and not just scripting them out. Help?
  5. PapierDeLys

    Cuts aren't lining up purposely

    yea it cut perfectly on the smaller version. this one is 4.25 x 5.5
  6. PapierDeLys

    Cuts aren't lining up purposely

    I think my files are correct and I think my mh721 is cutting to it's specifications but the top right corner of my piece is skewed and I ruined two sheets of material already trying to figure it out. What would cause my cuter to skew only the top right corner? How do i fix it? See attachments.
  7. Can anyone help me on an ongoing basis? I've been doing it myself but I think it takes me entirely too long to to make the .cdr/.esp files that I work with. At this point I'd rather ask someone else to make the vectors for me. I also have a bit of a unique technique so it's not as easy as just tracing because I want complete layers for shadowing and depth (maybe this is already something that's done but I haven't figured out to identify it). I can share my .cdr/.esp. examples (some examples of what I create are in my profile gallery too). Please let me know if something like this exist already, this would save me weeks of work. My photo Gallery My profile gallery
  8. PapierDeLys

    can anyone make this a eps or ai vector?

    Is there anyone that offers an ongoing service for this? I have 3 or 4 images that I'd like to have vectorized. I thought this site would be promising but I think the site it down ( This is exactly what I'm looking for whether it be a person or not. I've found one person on Etsy but their drafts are too simple.
  9. PapierDeLys

    New Vectorizing Site

    is anyone offering this service now? I think this site might be down and this is exactly what I'm looking for.
  10. PapierDeLys

    Newbie to the forum not to vinyl :)

    I lived in Little Rock for 6 years and it's nice to know who was responsible for all the Razorback decals.
  11. PapierDeLys


    Wow. I wish o had spoken up earlier. Your greetings are appreciated.
  12. PapierDeLys


    Hello, I've been snooping around the site for maybe 5 or 6 years and have never been really involved in the forums because I didn't really know if I belonged because I don't use vinyl. I use card stocks and paper but I also use all the same software and a lot of the same tools. I'm working on getting a website up and running but some of my pieces can be found at and I've uploaded some of my experiments to my profile. I hope y'all don't mind me asking a million questions and I hope I can be a resource too. I think I've come up with some pretty unique innovations using paper. Ruda
  13. PapierDeLys

    First 3 layered decals

    One Off Grafx, do you have a formula you use for pricing or do you evaluate each time?
  14. PapierDeLys

    RandS Cut Out

    I use my wife and I as test subjects for techniques I come up with.
  15. PapierDeLys

    Medic Unit

    Did you apply to the car in layers one at a time or did you do your layering before applying it to the car?