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  1. mars

    Import SVG to SCAL

    Another thing to be aware of in InkScape is to make this change in the svg output which is reccomended for better importing of svg files into MTC! - and probably would be of benefit for SCAL3Pro too
  2. mars

    Import SVG to SCAL

    The same applies when saving to .svg - convert text to paths In Inkscape, select the text, then go to Path » Object to Path (Ctrl+Shift+C) These files are simple text with a shadow - you might save yourself some grief and just do them in SCAL3Pro from now on. I understand wanting to import something you have worked out in InkScape - or something that is not doable in SCAL3Pro though.
  3. mars

    Flipping a multilayer image in SCALP3

    You have to select more than one shape for the group choice to be available. Selecting shapes is done like in any program click on the first one then hold shift and click on any others you want to include in the selection you are working with. Or just left click and drag to encompass the shapes inside the selection box shown as a dotted line rectangle. But you can just select the shapes all together and mirror without having to group them. Be sure none of the shapes are locked (can't sleect if they are locked)
  4. mars

    Please Let Me VENT!!!

    Unless this person has or is sceduled to donate a kidney to me - I would not have done as much work as you have - the Maple Leaf watermark would prove to be impossible even if she gave me both kidneys LOL
  5. mars

    Moving registration marks?

    Well I set mine to .01 cm which is .1 mm right - the preview shows the reg marks are snugged right up against the shape's bounding box.
  6. mars

    Moving registration marks?

    If you resize your shape the registration marks follow - based on any settigns you make in your cutter's settings dialog - is this what you are trying to do?
  7. mars

    Moving registration marks?

    The registration marks in my cutter (copam) setup can have the offset/size/thickness changed by clicking on the settings button and entering the desired values in 3 boxes labeled with those names. The size of the object determines where the reg marks willfall using those settings. Border or borderless printing? not sure what would be affected by those settings. The purpose of these registration marks is to enable making adjustments to the cutter to match any skewing of the position of the printed page before cutting a printed shape to exactly cut out the shape. Of questionable value to me with the Copam - no laser on my machine.
  8. mars

    arch a text

    Draw your arc using the bezier tool and get the shape you want the text to follow. Then use the type text to path tool (sounds like you are doing that already - it is under the text button in the toolbar in case you aren't already using it.) Click on your path while you have the type to path tool selected and type the team name. If the text goes the wrong way around you need to reverse the path of your line(or shape)
  9. mars


    BTW I didn't mean to leave out slice&dice when I thanked for the posted files - sorry
  10. mars


    Traced it - here it is. Nice graphic thanks Bob! BOB'S HUMMINGBIRD.eps
  11. mars

    Opinions on Sure Cuts A Lot

    NOW! I see what you are doing. Opening .scut2/.scut3 files (or "importing" them for that matter will place them on separate pages - as you see (and don't want) What I was saying was to "Import" as many shapes as you wish. To do this you need to save the files you want to work with in this way as .svg files. Then use the import to "load" them to the page you are working on and move/size/edit them to make economical use of your vinyl. OR you can make custom libraries like in the video I posted (don't be thrown by the utility being named lib it up 2 - it works for SCAL3Pro too) Then you can add them by clicking on thumbnail image in library. -Mike
  12. mars

    Opinions on Sure Cuts A Lot

    Eazy, I am talking about SCAL3Pro -- I never used SCAL until the pro version. Are you saying each imported file makes a new page? Across the top just above the design area (mat) are tabs showing the page(s) in the project. Do you have a tab for Page 2 after importing the second image? If not then what you are calling pages are acutually layers -- I know each new shape is placed on a new LAYER all on the same page1 mat in my program If that is the case in yours there no need to move anything to make them all cut at once. If they are shown (eye open) they will cut. If you want to not cut certain ones - just hide (close eye) and they will be ignored. Make sense?
  13. mars

    Am I missing view registration marks?

    You are welcome Kissfan76 Also moparmanheat1 are you talking about registration marks for multi-layer vinyl applications - or registration marks for the laser to read in doing print & cut operations?
  14. mars

    Am I missing view registration marks?

    I don't think there is a way to continously display the silhouette registration marks. However to see them on the mat and judge if there is room to scale up your project a bit more - just use the preview command under the cutter menu. You can look - then resize and then look at the results until you get the results you want.
  15. mars

    Opinions on Sure Cuts A Lot

    Just use import to add as amany files as you wish to the mat - you can then arrange them and cut them any way you want to. If they are things you do over and over. you can make a custom library and add them to the mat by clicking on the thumbnail in the shapes library window. You have to use a free program to create the custom shape library.