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  1. Mz SKEETER, just vaguely pointing people to something such as the START! link you posted is not very helpful. i have been through that umpteen times before resorting to posting. When I connect my cutter to the PC, it shows under Device Manager as 'USB2.0toSerial'. When installing the Roland drivers, it asks me for a COM port but I cannot then match this to what is in Device Manager as the Cutter isn't assigned a COM port.
  2. Hi guys, after using my Refine MH-721 for the past 2 years on my windows xp PC, I have had to re-format the OS and can't for the life of me remember how I set the drivers up. I shall try to include as much info as possible. WINDOWS XP SP3 - I would design the artwork in vector graphics software, then export as .cmx files. I would then load these .cmx files into Coreldraw 12, convert everything to hairline outlines and cut through 'Print'. This has served me extremely well and I have cut huge signs/graphics using this. I was using the USB connection, always. DRIVERS - My cutter was set up as a Printer using the Roland GX-500 drivers. I have all the drivers still saved but here is my problem: When I connect my cutter to the PC, it shows under Device Manager as 'USB2.0toSerial'. When installing the Roland drivers, it asks me for a COM port but I cannot then match this to what is in Device Manager as the Cutter isn't assigned a COM port. I'm sure it's a trivial/simple step I'm missing but it's been so long I can't remember. Do I need to install the USB drivers first, followed by the Roland GX-500 driver? I have everything I need already such as the drivers/software but can't remember how I actually set everything up. I would appreciate urgent help, step-by-step guide, as I have a sign to install tomorrow. Thanks.
  3. johnnybravo

    a few tweaks needed..

    thanks for the replies guys, i'm quite comfortable with my corel 12 setup as i design using a vector program called xara xtreme (VERY fast compared to illustrator), i then export the designs as .cmx/.ai and open with corel, i will try the keyspan adaptor as i have been advised about this before. so the 'bleed limit' in printer setup isn't the offset? grrrr... thanks anyway!
  4. johnnybravo

    a few tweaks needed..

    hi guys, ive been using my refine-mh721 for nearly a year now and am generally happy with it, however, i need a few pointers to further enhance my cuts: 1: offset setting, i need the cutter to cut clean and not leave unjoined cuts, where is the offest setting/overcut setting? (im using coreldraw 12 to directly cut, but cannot find this offset setting) there is a 'bleed limit' in 'Print Options' > 'Layout' in the printer settings in corel 12, this is currently set to 0.125" - is this the offset?? 2: t-shirt vinyl gets caught up when the cutter moves to the furthest right position whilst cutting (close to the idle position of the cutting head) 3. anything over 3ft makes the cutter freeze up, whats the solution to this (ive been seperating cuts into smaller cuts for nearly a year to remedy this!) SETUP: Windows XP coreldraw 12 roland gx-500 pnc driver refine mh-721 cutter thanks for any help
  5. johnnybravo

    Am I doing something wrong? CorelDraw x5 to MH 721 cutter

    i use coreldraw x4 with the roland gx-500 printer driver through a USB cable. my mh-721 works like a charm, you can cut directly from corel very easily!
  6. Hi guys I just bought a Refine MH721, although my user manual says ROHS MH721 and I have resorted to posting here for your help after trying to get it set up on TWO different machines. i'm very close but some issues are still preventing me from starting work, i will try to explain: SignBlazer works OK, but it's limited usage wise, because I need to be able to cut from Coreldraw or Flexi vector-based programs. CorelDraw 12 IDEALLY! FIRST PC: Win XP Pro SP3 Using CorelDraw 12 I have loaded the Roland PNC-1000 driver and in Control Panel> Printers and Faxes> Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1000> Properties> Ports>. I have made sure the PORT is matching as in Device Manager. I have tried cutting from CorelDraw 12 and the job is sent and the cutter begins to move but I am sure the cutter thinks it is bigger than 24"! It moves across to the left hand side, hits the plastic side and tries to carry on making a grinding noise, then it comes back to the right-side and it does the same hitting the red button and trying to carry on! It then follows the cut pattern. It DOES follow the cut pattern, but I am sure it is a paper size/media size issue, because when I view Print Preview in CorelDraw 12, I am getting a large long white preview with the shape to be cut in the bottom left corner. Is my document/media size settings incorrect? How should I lay the page out in CorelDraw 12? In Control Panel> Printers and Faxes> Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1000> Printing Preferences> Advanced>, my settings are as follows: Paper Size: 470.00 x 1600.00 MediaSize Settings: 470.00 x 1600.00 Page Feed: Off Origin Option: Disable Front Loading: Disable Polygon Fill: Off High Resolution: Off MetaFile Spooling: Disable What SHOULD the media size/paper-size settings be? 470.00 x 1600.00 are the MAXIMUM values i can enter. which one is the height which one is the width? Where do i specify that it is using 6100mm rolls of vinyl?? what other settings do i need to check? Using FlexiSign Pro 7.6 I can do the test cut fine, but again, when I go to File> Print Setup> Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1000, the 'paper-size' settings say 470.00 x 1600.00 - can anybody explain this and what it should be? Is 420 the width? Should that not say 610? I am using 610mm vinyl rolls, or less, so should the media/paper size settings say something like 610.00 x 'Unlimited' or more clearer?? When I go to File> Document Setup> what should I set the document size as? Second PC: Win Vista Home Premium The Roland PNC-1000 drivers won't install, I'm thinking it's because they are meant for XP, can anybody explain? I have spent 48 hours on this and I have googled everywhere. It seems that these products are in desperate need of some reliable documentation to explain and instruct more clearly how to get these things running. Thanks in advance for any help.