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  1. fustratedinhawaii

    US Cutter shipping changes in the future??

    Thanks for all your responses, I appreciate it, since I had to vent !!!! I've gotten stuff from Florida that was sent by FEDEX GROUND!!! (Don't ask me hoW THAT works!!! lol....but it WAS much cheaper!!!! Too bad they don't send stuff like the cd's through USPS.... The cd came today before 5pm, so paying for overnight (and then some) only took 2 days..... Shipping said that the envelope said sent "CD IN BOX". I WISH it came in a box, and not just a paper cd sleeve. At least it was in a bubble envelope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thing that might have bothered me also, was US Cutter sent it as a 2x25x2 in.package!!! Too bad they didn't send a roll of vinyl with it!!!! Now....let's just hope they didn't send me a used or unusable cd......
  2. fustratedinhawaii

    US Cutter shipping changes in the future??

    Well, it's been an hour since I made the order and still haven't received and e-mail of confirmation. Called Cutter back and he said that (should have asked for his name) that although I was told I made the deadline to be shipped out today, it might not have, because they're so busy. Nice !!! I'm so livid, I'm beginning to this of this as a joke on me !!!! I guess they think this is just a game, so I"ll see if it comes here in 2 days...or next stop, BBB
  3. I just bought the CorelDraw x6 over the phone because the online method wasn't working for me. They charged me $60 to ship the cd. Only option they said they had was FEDEX overnight express to Hawaii (I made it before their daily deadline, so let's see how long it actually takes). US Cutter was going to charge me about $300 more when I bought my Graphtec and Hotronix press, so I bought it from someone else. I LOVE this forum and thank US Cutter for having it !!!!!!!!!! I want to support them, but their shipping just cost too much for me (eBay and AMAZON wanted $300 for the cd, so I save $90). Does anyone know if US Cutter will change their shipping procedures or will I just have to buy from other companies??
  4. fustratedinhawaii

    Best (cheapest) place to buy blade holder

    Thanks everyone !!!! When I saw the USC price, I learned from here that when they skyrocket the price like that, they're usually out of stock. I found a few on eBay ranging from $13 - $35, that's why I was asking if there were some names of some vendors that you deal with. Good feedback, I appreciate it all I'll narrow it down between Ross, cnccheap and other of the 5-star people on e-Bay !!!!!! Mahalo for all your help !!!!
  5. I'm wondering who is the best person or company to buy extra blade holders from eBay for a GRAPHTEC CE-6000-60? I'll get extra blades from cleancut as mentioned, but didn't find too much info for where or who you buy the holders from on eBay (right now they're $105 on USC, so I'm guessing they're out of stock. Thanks in Advance FH
  6. fustratedinhawaii

    Wow. Now I feel tired.

    CONGRATS ON ALL THAT HTV USED UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. fustratedinhawaii

    Font name please

    Kinda close. This is what i got for Old English with AI CS2 Old English.pdf Old English.eps
  8. fustratedinhawaii

    Memorial Day and 1 yr anniversary

    Sorry for your loss but don't even THINK about giving this up!!! You've come too far and you KNOW she would want you to stick with it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless.....
  9. fustratedinhawaii


    Pay for CC one time and it's like $100 cheaper than paying monthly. I believe last time I looked into it, it's $240 per year if you pay upfront. But that suckes because CS5 you pay one time and that's it. You can use it for years....
  10. fustratedinhawaii

    New guy from Boston

    Welcome from Hawaii
  11. fustratedinhawaii

    I need some help

    LOL...Thanks Jay !!!
  12. fustratedinhawaii

    My very first HTV shirt

    I LOVE IT!!! GONNA COPY THE BOTTOM PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if you don't mind)
  13. fustratedinhawaii

    design placement ?

    I've seen lots of videos where it says 1 credit card from the collar to 4 inches, but STILL doesn't look right. When I start, that will be my baseline and then lower it if I want to. For a one line of text, few videos said to put them between the n*$&les. I think that's why Jay wants to measure so badly
  14. fustratedinhawaii

    Our Fight Sublimated tshirt and tshirt dress.

    Well...looks like you did a pretty damn good job !
  15. fustratedinhawaii

    Few plates I did testing the Ricoh

    Over 2 months away from that thing...didn't miss a beat