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    Contour Cut Not Keeping Length (MH721 w/ Flexi)

    Alright. I'll look into that. I was hoping It was just going to be a miscalculation somewhere, considering how well Flexi works on my computer.
  2. unrealgraphics

    Contour Cut Not Keeping Length (MH721 w/ Flexi)

    Alright, that's no problem. I had someone give me a copy of 8.1 so that's what I've been using. So, do you think that might solve me problem?
  3. unrealgraphics

    Contour Cut Not Keeping Length (MH721 w/ Flexi)

    I'm using Windows 8.0, do you think that could be a factor, should I upgrade to a newer version?
  4. I've recently started playing around with contour cutting. Basically, I ordered some 8.5x11 vinyl for my desktop printer, to print and cut with. I am using Draw X5 for my design, and then Flexi 8.1 for my print and contour cutting. I print my design out with my printer, usually just one decal, instead of a whole page. I use FlexiSign Pro 8.1 to make my contour, and it also prints the Reg marks for me properly and all that jazz, I use my MH721 plotter with the Pen tool to help line me reg marks up, I can usually get them right on, yet my contour cut doesn't come out right. I don't really know where to go from here. It seems like its just stretching out my contour or maybe my print didn't scale correctly, not totally sure. Maybe someone can help me solve this problem. I've had success contour cutting with this same setup, but only on small items, or very very simple contours. (On the images attached, the rectangle is from me playing with the Compensation factor, which lines up good. Roughly 0.015625 of an inch off. That small margin should cause the contour to be that far off.) Any suggestions? It would be super nice to get this to work somehow, would really help out my business and my turn around times for the customers who order 8.5x11 sheets of decals.