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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm having some trouble with my Liyu SC1261 - I've been using the pen function for drawing technical imagery and in the last few runs, the plotter has been fading out in the centre 50cm or so of the bed (see attached images for examples). I initially thought this might be an issue with the biros I was using however this has proven to not be the case as I have tried different pens from various manufacturers and all are doing the same thing - I have tried upping the pen pressure to the max but this has also done nothing. I know this plotter has been around for a fair few years so I'm wondering if this issue is specifically with the carriage belt tension? The plotter is well maintained - cleaned on a regular basis and stored away from harm etc., so I'm pretty positive there isn't some kind of jam in the main rollers. I've also tried seeing if placement of the pinch rollers is helpful in aiding the change in pressure but sadly this is not the case. Does anyone have an idea of what this might be caused by and the first step I can take in solving the issue? Thanks so much in advance and have a lovely day! - Melissa x
  2. Hi, Can anyone help?? I've got a Liyu SC631 cutter that I've just started using. Its all set up and I'm cutting using 'Inkscape' as recommended by the retailer I bought it from. However, I've had a few problems. At first the small parts of designs weren't weeding properly, I changed the blade and this seemed to rectify the problem. Now, the problem is, the clean lines of a design are not cutting as on screen. Lines seem to be cutting at various thicknesses, I've attached pictures of the vinyl and the design, you can see the problem particularly on the trees. What am I doing wrong?! Thanks!
  3. I've got a Liyu SC631 cutter, which has not been used for some while. I came to use it yesterday and it will not print/cut. I've tried it from Linux and Windows 10, using a direct USB cable, Prolific USB to Serial cable and an FTDI cable. all but the FTDI cable display on the screen of the cutter display ' Cutting .....' and then goes back to the menu, but the head doesn't moved and nothing comes out on the cutter. Any ideas?
  4. In the continuing saga of my MH871 cutter going down for the count (USB port busted) I decided to bring in a replacement machine, and the LiYu - SC fit the bill, price-wise. Out of the box, the stand assembled quickly (I had viewed the video) and then my computer required no special install to start cutting (I just changed my SB Cut Setup to LiYu and the machine just hummed right along) Now, here are some items that are worth mentioning -- 1. Even with the blade BARELY poking out of the end of the holder (and I mean, like I need a magnifying glass to even see the point sticking out) I must keep the pressure at 1mm, which is the lowest possible. And even then, I have backing paper being scored. 2. Tracking of long sections of vinyl is pretty dismal, and I'm messing with the pinch rollers to try and correct that. I also experienced that "vinyl bunching" problem at first, but that's been resolved with adjustments of the roller pressure. Just gotta keep on fiddling around until I get it right. I do like the way these pinch rollers slide smoothly across their tracks (much more easily and fluidly than the MH does) 3. Lord knows, when paying $90 for a stand, getting a catch-basket as a standard attachment would have been nice. But, I'll now have to fabricate one (just as I did for the MH). 4. Much QUIETER than the MH Refine, for sure. However, it makes this noticeable Tap-Tap-Tap as the blade holder comes into contact with the vinyl (the base is hollow, I guess, and echoes the impact). 5. The machine is white/beige & the base matches. So, why include a BLUE dust cover? It should be white, obviously. 6. In the first day of cutting, it stopped twice. This SC simply decided to quit right in the middle of longer jobs that were running (eight-footers). I have the machine grounded properly, and this really surprised me, as a crash/quit never happened with the MH. Both times this occured (two different jobs), I rebooted everything (computer and program and machine), resent the work, and the SC proceeded correctly to the end of the cuts. I'll update this thread with further comments as I go along...
  5. This is directly from the manufacturer. I thought it might be useful to someone at sometime. 631 is 24", 801 is 31.5" 1061 is 40" and the 1261 is the 50" version. TC series cutting plotter features: 1. Contour Cut Function to be optional. 2. USB 2.0 interface, support hot-swappable, and is equipped with serial port to support the long-distance data transmission. 3. 64Mb super-memory achieves a long time Offline cutting, meanwhile, the data storage can be achieved even blackout. 4. New high-speed PIC remote control system, higher speed, lower noise. 5. Digital force & speed adjustable, direct and steady. 6. Humane design, allows to adjust cutting force and speed while working. 7. High-precision "steel barbed" axis, higher accuracy. 8. Auto. memory of blade force & Speed, adjustable at any time, easy to use. 9. Emergency stops & stops to return at any time to monitor the cutting quality, easy to operate. 10. Emergency stops & stops to return at any time to monitor the cutting quality, easy to operate. 11. Unique red cutting slot make it easier to operate. 12. Cutting Length: more than 10m
  6. I have just got flex8.5 and very new to it. Any help on how to contour cut would be really helpfull. I have an image that i have run through vector magic and installed in flex it has a red outline with plot lines around it. How do i change the outline colour and be able to move the outline in a bit to not get any white edges. Also how do i insert plot marks to send to my printer ready to cut. Please explain in simplton terms many thanks.
  7. I have updated for flexi 8.1 to 8.6 because my liyu cutter inst cutting to the contour line, But it is still the same, i have calibrated my plotter so the cutter sits over the optical eye mark. The optical eye follows the contour line instead of the cutter so is of the distance between the the cutter and optical eye. How do i rectify this pulling hair out