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  1. I dont install a lot of perf have been asked for 2 of 36x81" windows and one 67 x 81" windows. I know there are lots of variables but where would you guys be in the ballpark for pricing? I can print it myself or I can outsource the printing (out sourcing seems to range from $300-450 from my wholesale traders. How much would you mark this up? I know I can probably guesstimate from my costs and labor rate but just wanted to get an idea from you to see where I might fall Thanks Mark
  2. Two sided Using Oracal 751 or 791 Will also be adding text across windshield and another 12 x 24" on back glass. any ideas would be appreciated Thanks mark
  3. mameighan

    Cheap promotional Lighters

    Did you find lighters? I am a promotional products guy and have a few contacts for lighters. If you meed some more info just send me a message Mark
  4. Where would some of you guys be in the ball park with this? Cut vinyl - probably oracal 751 so basic cut and weed - two sides to car and then basic lettering on back. I will be installing? Pricing has never been my forte - more of a "what do I think I can get?" kind of Thanks in advance Mark