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  1. I dont do to much vinyl cutting these days, however I'm going to help a friend do his full size RV. I have no clue what to charge him. He wants to pay full "normal" price but I'm struggling to figure out whats normal. Its all one color (black) lettering with a simple elk graphic. It will require 3 - 50"x43" decals 1 - 12"x60 decal 3 - 15"x15" decals I will be installing it myself and I need a general ball park estimate. I've tried using some of the price calculators but I can never seem to figure them out. someone please help.
  2. veddderman123

    Breast Cancer Fundraiser Decals

    HAHAHAHA!! I love the protect 2nd base! Thats great. Good Job!
  3. I'm making 6, 2 color magnets. The magnets are precut from signwarehouse 12"X24" and I believed they totalled 30 bucks for the blanks magnets. and all the vinyl is very easy to weed and layout. Please give me a rpough guess on what you would charge for this job. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Originally he said he would remove it. I just found out today I'm removing it... YUCK Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  5. I dont do many store fronts what would you charge for this job? I dont want to over or under price it. Store Front: 2 different decals, each 2 color, easy weed basic lettering logo. and I'm installing it. One decal 2 color 30"x16" The other 2 color 64"x34"
  6. veddderman123

    Quoting Jobs Kill me!

    Man, I need some serious help on learning what our craft should charge. To many time I shoot way to low and get burned. But at the same time I don't want to quote to high and lose the job. I've tried comparing prices with other sites and using a price calculator that was going around but I'm still not confident in giving quotes. What would you charge for a 2 color 24"X45" decal? I was thinking like $45 or so... Am I way off or does that sound about right?
  7. I have my first customer who has a specific CMKY color code for their logo. Looking at the Oracle swatches in Illustrator there isn't an exact match. What do you do in this situation??? Please help!
  8. I've got my first banner order. Hows the ENDURABANNERs? Are they good quality or is there another brand thats more preferred? Also do you apply vinyl dry or wet?
  9. veddderman123

    my first t-shirt order

    nice shirt, seems like a lot of work. I think the reason other people charge so little for the coro signs are because they buy them in bulk and they screen print them. That keeps all the costs lower. For smaller shops it wouldn't make sense to buy thousands of blank signs at a time. But also the screen printing produces a sign is much faster then vinyl. Vinyl is good for small jobs but screen printing is the way to go for larger jobs.
  10. veddderman123

    Reflective Vinyl: Squad Car

    HAHAHA I hear ya. But thats what they wanted. I wanted to at least do the badge larger but they wanted it that way... I don't know... They were happy with it.
  11. veddderman123

    Reflective Vinyl: Squad Car

    Thanks Guys, The Badge is layered. We Originally planned to screen print it. But while we were waiting on getting the artwork together to get the screens made we decided to try it layered. It came out so clean and crisp I think we're just sticking to layering it. Which is fine with me. Less work as far as getting screens made. And it will never fade. lol
  12. veddderman123

    Reflective Vinyl: Squad Car

    This is my first reflective vinyl experiance. I did it for the NM Mounted Patrol. They liked it so much I got 9 more lined up to do.
  13. I got the reflective vinyl in but I'm waiting on the 60 degree blades... Would it hurt to try the 45 degree blade?
  14. veddderman123

    Reflective Vinyl... Please help

    I've got a cop friend who needs some work done on some squad cars but I've never cut reflective vinyl before. Anyone who has done this before please give me some tips... Also what kind of vinyl would I be best for the job?