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    Laptops, desktops, external drives all fail, now these days unless you buy quality drive are only insured for 1-2 years vs, 5 like they used to. Either buy a good NAS like Synology, or Qnap and many others or now you can fork out 2.99$/month for 100 gigs of cloud storage via GoogleDrive that supports versioning like DropBox, I have all 3 and eventually merging to local cloud and only use the internet cloud to store encrpt. content I have locally. That saved me numerous times.
  2. NichoDesign

    First try with gold leaf

    But will someone post the vinyl code so some of us that are interested can buy some from this site if any, I did found very similar at reasonable price so I guess if you can't find it here try ebay.
  3. NichoDesign

    First try with gold leaf

    The only one that comes close to that in Oracal is the Films Specialty one SERIES 383 / 003 Gold Gloss, Unless is part of the starter kit metallic films 004 / Polychrome Gold Brilliant but I cannot see the details or texture on it.
  4. I made sure middle roller is not in center over metal non moving parts, but I will def. get a 60 degree blade and SCALP software to do a test run @ ie .025, as you can see or tried .4 to .2 big difference and wondering what gives me @ 0.05 or even 0.025 I think i cam to conclusion that it will do its job regardless, wondered about the cutting part for fancy vinyl like Oracal 975 Textured Cast Graphite Metallic (932)
  5. NichoDesign


    Very informative, I do keep the center roll off and I think when I print logos, and other designs, it is sufficient in quality and for a starter. I already printed some stickers and eager to try out the Oracal 7xx series for the more quality stickers I want. What about the knifes, I can upgrade the knifes to the better quality ones and want to find out if it really makes a difference. I also wonder how you find out when it is time to replace it. I think mine ran off the vinyl once or twice onto the white plastic a little bit will that suffice a replacement? It cuts okay for now and got 2 backups. I also want to note that I sure got a lot of cool stuff for 300$ bucks including shipping and all the extra vinyl. But I think USCutter is thinking differently, like some of the smart cellular manuf. out there. We give out the cutter at cost or marginal profit but we get them for life-long client as a client for vinyl and accessories. I just received one order in and catalogs of vinyl and I'm already planning to order whole bunch more.
  6. NichoDesign

    First try with gold leaf

    Great idea! with the leaf effect, I will def. check and see/purchase some as well.
  7. NichoDesign

    Canvas Prints

    I use a local dealer here and gives me a very good price 4-8$/sq. ft depending on which canvas and I must say when I print 66x60 the price is just right and compared to your other online vendors I get it at 1/3 price. All I can suggest is check with local vendor and make a relationship worth keeping and use them if possible.
  8. NichoDesign

    Where to buy Aluminium oxide??

    Pardon the question but what do you use it for? Just curious, when it comes to vinyl, cutters, or this related site.
  9. NichoDesign

    Some shot glasses & flasks

    For a second I thought it was vinyl and with sand blasting. That's another option but this is a great idea and looks great!
  10. My middle roller I don't use at all if I do my vinyl will cur up and cause it to raise and knife goes crazy. Support told me to leave it off, my off-set is a nightmare, playing with 0.25, .28, .30 my Ts and Es are messy.. I would be happy if I can get it right on and deal with the middle roller. Out of the question to use 34' inch vinyl. I printed few samples using various offset and still not the quality I want. I am wondering if I should have thrown extra 200-300 bucks and get a better one. The attachment doesn't look good/detailed I included the google drive high res images and video here.
  11. NichoDesign


    I just got a MH871 and support said to leave middle roller up and just use 1st stationary one and the last one. Is that a normal operation, if so, why did they include the 3rd one. If I leave all 3 down, no matter how I feed it, how long the vinyl or short it is, I get kinks, or slack. I've got video and submitted along with my trouble ticket, but the response was less than expected, wonder if I should return it and get a better quality one. I wasted most of my sample vinyl on getting the off-set correct because my Ts, Es, and such are not straight when using ie. Arial Black.
  12. I think I got it just right with the offset and such. I am not sure if it is normal to have the middle roller as in picture rised and not pressed down because it creates more headaches. I am using the 'freebie' vinyl received with the cutter and I might have few feet in the rear and not much effort for the printer. As for Blade Offset: thank you, tried drastic changes from original 0.50 to 0.1 and as you cna see in "test" cuts made it worse and settled for 0.25. Back to the rollers, the right one closest to reset button is stationary and does not move, middle one easiy moves back and forth once it is raised. The left one is slightly tougher to move back and forth but doubt that causes it, and there are adjusters in the back. Testing with two rollers down and the middle up seems to work okay and not sure if it is very imporant to have them all 3 down because I am cutting 24" and not 34" vinyl (width). Thanks for the help once again. p.s. there will be once in awhile a tiny extra vinyl on a design that might need to be trimmed with the exacto knife.
  13. That sort of fixed it, right now I am battling the feeder a little, it creats slack or not being fed right and creats part of the vinyl to rise or be pressed down and seems that the knife might have a harder time cutting, as it prints I would rise one of the 2 rollers up to let go of slack but doubt that's normal. Might be the quality of vinyl, not sure.
  14. I just got my 871 MK2 and I have similar issue, I have the speed set under 500ms and pressure to about 100-130. I have attached some photos. Picture 1 - this is a test you can see the square 'period' above 'is' is not square nor the "test" where the "t's should be more square cut. Picture 3, - House, should be straight lines or squared windows. I need some feedback and to see if I can get it to work via soft or settings of printer before I use the "Feed roller repair instructions" process to open up and start messing with insides.
  15. NichoDesign


    I purchased one on ebay for 45$, it was crap, made out of wood, it was a single color, I think I threw it away Yours looks a lot better/professional.