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  1. lowest speed and pressure setting, just doing the test from the machine, not cutting from software...
  2. for the heck of it i pulled the blade out and the plastic still slams down.. but again..cutting OK.. what the heck
  3. appreciate the advice, but the blade height is set correctly. this is my 2nd uscutter machine and been doing it a few years now.. plenty experienced with it, but haven't had this issue yet!
  4. My SC 2 is cutting OK, but recently started making a loud tapping noise when cutting.. its the carrier tapping down hard on the vinyl. It doesn't seem to be affecting anything but I'm concerned as to why it's doing it and when it might do to the life of my cutter. It just recently started after a blade change I noticed it (im guessing the blade change is coincidence though?).. again its cutting fine..blade depth does not seem to be an issue. Anyone experience this and have any input? Can try to upload a video if I need to. I assume it's been posted before but I've not thought of a better way to describe it or better search terms to look for, so I've not had any luck finding other posts about a similar issue. Thank you
  5. twentythreemx

    help for the new guy!

    also no i haven't checked actual temp vs the gauge... i need to get something to check that.
  6. twentythreemx

    help for the new guy!

    I was doing everything do spec per the material. Shirts were just cheap walmart multi packs, 100% cotton on these. Talked to siser and they seem confident that it sounds like not enough pressure.
  7. twentythreemx

    help for the new guy!

    Hello,So i've got a 15x15 transpro press... so far everything I have pressed and washed has came out with very wrinkled vinyl or mostly vinyl that is falling off.Instructions were followed for the material. This was with easyweed stretch and some easyweed featherlight. Happened from samples they sent me and from some stuff purchased here, dont think it was bad material...My first guess was pressure as the press does not have a gauge. However i started reading that using teflon sheets could act as a barrier too? But then others say they always use them and its fine, so..? Could using teflon sheets on all of them blocked some heat? Is that not recommended to use? Should I go longer if I use one? Im only using it to keep things clean and figured it was a good habit to get into. Or could I need more pressure? I'm really unsure how to fix it and very nervous to print anything else.Unfortunately I sent out 35 shirts and am super scared that people will wash them once and be very unhappy - not looking forward to dealing with that. My fault for not doing some wash tests.. the only method i found to test was the dollar bill trick. i feel like my pressure is much higher than needed to keep a dollar bill in there. do i want to just barley keep it in there, or is way tighter better? Is there a better way to test?Thanks for the advice! Not sure how to tackle this.
  8. twentythreemx

    newby questions from a non newb.. yikes

    also could it be a driver issue? i would guess no because its communicating fine.. baud set at 9600 in sure cuts a lot. i notice though that the driver shows up in windows 7 as usb device rather than a printer. I downloaded the drivers from the uscutter site, attempted to install. honestly not sure if it did anything or not. sure cuts a lot picked it up fine before and after. possibly the SC and MH are using same driver???
  9. So I've had an MH series cutter for a few years now, have printed thousands of decals from it. I had the opportunity to get a good deal on a used SC...and larger. (50 vs 30). Well, THOUGHT it was a good deal. I got it and found out it was NOT the SC2 that I thought, rather an older SC. SO i have a few questions, and i tend to talk too much so, apologize when this gets wordy....bare with me! 1. First off, am I better off sticking with my MH 871 mk2 than the SC ?? The MH I notice goes much lower in speed and different increments, compared to 100/200/300 etc on the SC.. is the SC a better machine still even if older? 2 Secondly I did some tests.. I'm getting a lot of jagged lines on just like a letter A for example. I did a square test and corners are good, I dont think the offset has anything to do with it, tried 25 and 30 and didnt notice a difference. I put in a new 45* blade. I usually ran my MH speed around 160. I turned on this SC and saw the speed was set at 600, holy crap! Looking online it seems common people run them 300-400 or higher no problem. I turned my speed down to 100 and the lines come out FINE. 200 they come out 90% but almost look a little fuzzy. 300 and they are starting to get pretty obviously wavy. What is causing this wavyness? I played around with blade height, I felt like it was too far out. Its barley visible and passes the "cut a piece by hand" test.. but again i see post of people running pressure 40 or much less. that barley cuts for me. i had to set pressure up to like 160, and it seems to weed fine, barley leaving marks on the backing. but why the need for so high? should i poke the blade out more and decrease pressure or is it "whatever works" kinda combination? Im just concerned for small stuff, and also want to make sure i didnt get a broken/worn out unit. 3. i read about jagged edges maybe being caused by needing an adjustment of the belt tension, is there a way to test that? this thing is used but i dont think it has too many cuts ran through it. im really interested in being able to get those 300-400 speeds, compared to running at 160 on the MH that will be super nice to get things moved through a little quicker.... but not at the price of horrible cuts. Its 100% not my design, ive cut hundreds of them. but clearly im missing a magic combo of settings / blade height or that belt is loose or something. anyone got any ideas on how i can get it dialed in? ive searched allover and watched the setup video... throwing in the towel, help! Thank you!!!!!
  10. twentythreemx

    htv material help (comparing to screen print)

    Hello, Long story short, I do a good bit of vinyl decals and have worked with a screen printer for a while and built up quite a few clients selling shirts.. I'm not doing much work with them anymore, and don't have any room for a screen printing setup for myself. I'm picking up a heat press tomorrow so I can do some small jobs with HTV. I dont plan to steal back many of my clients that I've dealt with that that shop, but I'm sure a few will want to continue to work with me directly.. my question is, what kind of HTV can I use to look as close to screen printing as possible? I assume I want something matte or semi matte? is flex stuff better for that? thinner better for a softer feel? HEre's the different brands and model vinyl I've considered. And yes I've done too much googling already and find a ton of info but its all pretty old.. I imagine in the last 5 years the HTV game has changed a little. I just remember years ago anything heat transfer vinyl related looked cheap. I dont want that, I need this to look as close as possible to what the clients would have expected before!! I was looking at: easyweed, easyweed stretch (is thinner better for a softer feel?), stahl fashion film, spectra cut, spectra cut 2, spectra eco, stahls premium plus, thermoflex turbo, thermoflex plus... all seem simlar in price. i'm probably over thinking it, but I'd rather just get some of the "right stuff" instead of trying out 10 different products. any advice would be appreciated..and I understand none of this will fully look like screen print, but as close as possible as to not throw clients off too far....
  11. twentythreemx

    web design: wordpress / joomla plugin for decal design?

    no set color pallet, price doesn't change based on size, etc... yes doing just text. one review i read had some other things missing/not available that were deal breakers but i cant recall and cant find the link again! thanks for looking!
  12. twentythreemx

    web design: wordpress / joomla plugin for decal design?

    I don't have it built yet, as I was waiting to see what kind of plugins I could find and would build it around that as I have experience with Joomla and Wordpress so either would be fine. I wasn't necessarily looking for a free plugin, that would be a nice bonus but for the right one I have no problem paying. Here's one I did find: and another: But it's not really what I'm looking for and it seems that many options I would need are not there / limited Something simple like this: I know thats not WP or joomla but was thinking there HAD to be something like that for one of them, but still no luck finding one.
  13. Is anyone aware of a decent wordpress or jooomla plugin that could be used for decal design? specifically looking for something similar to what the boat name websites use to design / order custom boat names? just something that allows you to pick from some fonts, and basic colors/outline etc and show a preview and then purchase it based on size. i've been looking with no luck and am surprised not to find several things. the only one i did find so far is almost too complicated and has too many features for different products.. need something simple!!!!!!! hoping maybe someone here can point me in the right direction. thanks!
  14. twentythreemx

    help! sloppy cutting..kinda still new at this lol

    thanks, will try. i know i did not use that option before... and this problem was non existent for the first few months of using the machine. Not sure what caused it to start happening..
  15. twentythreemx

    help! sloppy cutting..kinda still new at this lol

    OK, still need help on this!!! The issue from the pics above really isnt there anymore, I think I had way to much blade out at that point (which I did to try to troubleshoot my original problem) The issue I have now is that it is still leaving tiny pieces randomly attached. Whether its big or little cuts I'm doing. I can't seem to find any consistency with it, IE not on just corners, or certain letters, etc it seems almost random. VERY frustrating because 1. Its making weeding very difficult and 2. its making my finished product look like crap!! Because it leaves a tiny piece connected I have to pull on it, and it stretches it, or moves it, or leaves a little tail hanging there where the vinyl broke. What I have tried: Changing offset a little Took blade out, sprayed a little wd40 into the blade holder. made sure blade spins freely Tried a new blade Did blade height test w/ cutting the vinyl making sure its not going deeper than it needs to Tried more blade, less blade, etc Using latest versoin of SCAL What else can I do? Does anyone have any recommendations?