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Found 8 results

  1. Corel has finally officially released Update 1 on 7/20/2017 for Coreldraw Graphics Suite 2017. This is a MUCH needed update and improves stability and operation. Release Notes On What's Fixed: Direct Download (76.9 MB):
  2. We have a titan 3 which we purchased from USCutter about 3 years ago. It works fine with the enclosed (Now outdated) "RazorCut" software. We are more experienced now and recently purchased CorelDraw X8. We make our own more intricate vectors now with CorelDraw. However, I have to "export" our creations in eps or AI format from CorelDraw and "import" them into the RazorCut software to perform the vinyl cutting. This process often times limits our creativity. Is there a driver I can obtain for CorelDraw that I can use to sent image directly to our cutter? We would also need instructions. Thank you...
  3. dcbevins

    CorelDraw 2017

    Anybody tried CorelDraw 2017 yet. I am not sure how I feel about them going to what seems a yearly cycle vs the two year cycle they had been on. I guess they want upgrade revenue. It makes the subscription model more tenable if you are trying to stay current. Most of the changes, though not all seem geared to people using some form or stylus for hand drawing. They hype calls it an AI that learns your drawing style. I am %99 mouse and keyboard. I have a graphics tablet, but am all thumbs with it. So I don't know if these improvements hit home for me. Also the redraw rates for some operations are said to be improved. Some improvements to node operation and visibility are mentioned, and some changes to dealing with color. I guess I'll download it soon. I was wondering what you guys thought.
  4. Cutter-Ace

    New to Forum and need help

    Hello All, I have been cutting for quite some time now, but have ran into a sort of dilemma. I have a ProCut CR 1200. I was using CorelDraw X3, until it decided to crash on me. Was using it for years, and all of sudden it decided to just kill itself. I purchased CorelDraw x7 and now need to marry it my plotter. I see that the CR 1200 driver is available for download, but cannot find the plug-in for X7 anywhere. Is anybody able to assist in helping find where i can get the plug-in, or if i even need one at all?
  5. dcbevins

    Inkscape 64Bit Windows

    I am giving the Pre-Release Versions (0.91 Pre2) 64bit Windows Version a whirl. As it is 64 bit, it is not surprising the SignCutPro extension to "Send to SignCut" does not appear. Has anyone heard of a possibility there will be an export version that will work with the soon to be stable 64 bit release of Inkscape? I suppose SignCut itself would have to be released as 64bit first. I don't think it is possible to make the 32bit plugin work with the 64bit version, but maybe one of you fine people know a work around. Version .91 has some new muscle. I am giving it a real eyeball to replace my Corel X7 subscription. It has some fantastic things, especially in node and path editing/manipulation. Of course it is easy to live without the plugin just adding a few more steps to get it into SignCut. It would just be nice.
  6. I am having an issue with text showing up in Sure Cuts Pro when designing with Corel. If I do just something simple like HELLO in Corel Draw then use the application launcher for it to open in Sure Cuts, the page is blank. However, if I do just a simple square in Corel it will open fine and show up perfect in Sure Cuts. So what am I doing or missing when it comes to text? Using standard fonts and they are in both Corel and Sure Cuts. Using Sure Cuts Pro and Corel Draw 6 Thank you
  7. I am pulling my hair out over this!!!!!!!!! I've been designing and cutting maybe a year now. I use CorelDraw x5 to design and export to SignBlazer for cutting. What's the problem you ask? When I import to SignBlazer there are nodes that are created that are not in the original and it takes me hours to delete them. I think that all my problems will be solved if I were able to cut directly from CorelDraw. I have an MH 721 ( and a USB to Serial adapter cable (http://www.usbfirewi...rr-usb-017.html). How can I cut directly from CorelDraw. I have been trying to find drivers, install my MH 721 as a printer and I've got nothing accomplished. I've literally been trying to accomplish this for 3 weeks. I think I've read every forum here on the topic and have tried to follow them all to no avail. Can anyone explain to me from Step 0 to completion? I read responses here (http://forum.uscutte...ack-cut-direct/) and hope someone can help can help fix this My equipment: PC- Inspiron mini - Cutter - MH 721 - Null modem cable - Scanner cable - (not used when trying setup printing) Thanks
  8. I'm on my second pcut and they have served me well, but, I'm ready to get serious and am about to buy a Graphtec this week (possibly a Roland but pretty sure it will be the Graphtec). The big question is should I pay extra to get Corel Draw 4 or 5? Or, will Corel Draw 3, which is included free, be all I really need? Thanks! Carolane