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  1. BossThinksImWorking

    Y-postion alarm

    For reference in case it happens to anyone else; When I hit “enter’ my pen block would travel to the right at normal speed, then to the left at a slower speed, hit the side wall, and stop. Turns out it was a bent push roller sensor. Pushed for time, I finally gave up and took my cutter to Advanced Plastics in Nashville. Dennis was great. Checked it out and repaired it so that I could bring it home yesterday evening. No need to make another 3 hour round trip to pick it back up next week. Hopefully, this info can help someone else who’s ready to pull their hair out. Thanks to all who post their problems/resolutions in this forum, you guys have helped me much in the past. Thanks, Dakotagrafx, for fast responses.
  2. BossThinksImWorking

    Y-postion alarm

    I know this is a very old topic, but I’m having this issue with my graphtec ce5000-60. I took cover off and located the black plastic u-shape. I found a metal tab on one end that slides between sensor, but nothing on the other? I am so confused. Any advice?
  3. BossThinksImWorking

    What Kind of Vehicle do You Drive?

    C:\Users\jay\Downloads\jchs.jpg 2007 Mustang Shelby GT and a 2012 Kia Soul for me. Hubby drives an older Z71
  4. BossThinksImWorking

    Stick people sports

  5. BossThinksImWorking

    Best place to purchase a Graphtec 24"

    absolutely US Cutter. After researching cutters AND sellers, I bought my Graphtec in December from them. When you consider how it's bundled AND the $9 shipping, nobody else came close. BTW: I LOVE my Graphtec!
  6. BossThinksImWorking

    New to the whole deal....

    Shipping is super fast. Ordered my Graphtec on a Sunday - received it on Tuesday. Of course, I'm in Alabama and they shipped from Memphis, but still, that was fast!
  7. BossThinksImWorking

    What font is this

    Thanks for the curlz!
  8. BossThinksImWorking

    Graphtec and SignBlazer media rolls 12 - 15 ft before cutting

    Have read the manual page AGAIN. Have followed every step and still it does not work right in SB. But, switched again to Robo and it works just fine. Does that make sense? Oh, well, will try tech support tomorrow morning. Thanks for trying, though. Appreciate your time and suggestions. Carolane
  9. BossThinksImWorking

    Graphtec and SignBlazer media rolls 12 - 15 ft before cutting

    turn power on (plotter says "load media") I load 24" roll of 631 adjust pinch rollers to edge lock the lever press "enter" and it measures width (plotter now reads "2 09u +1 19 30 2" go to SignBlazer hit "cut" then "cut tile" media starts feeding stops at about 12-15 feet rewinds feeds again moves to center cuts Hope this makes sense to you because it's driving me nuts! Thanks - Carolane
  10. Frustrated and trying really hard not to take it out on husband and kids. I have my new Graphtec and want to use Signblazer with it, but, it's not cooperating. Thanks to Skeeter, I finally have SB working on it, but it's not working right. Whenever I go to cut something, the plotter rolls about 12-15 feet of media before finally cutting somewhere in the middle of the vinyl. This is in Signblazer. However, in Robo Pro, it cuts at the beginning edge just like it should. Any ideas? This is making me crazy. I don't know what else to do next. Hopefully, one of you guys will know what to do. Thanks, Carolane
  11. BossThinksImWorking

    sign blazer elements with graphtec ce5000-60

    experiencing the same thing - just wondering if you ever found the answer?
  12. BossThinksImWorking

    Finally time to say hello

    Finally bit the bullet and bought a new Graphtec, but have to say my Pcut was great for the price. I can't begin to tell you how much I've cut with it over the past 3 1/2 years. It's been a great machine (again, considering the price) and I will keep it for a back up even now. Congratulations - now, go make lots of stickers and lots of money! Carolane
  13. Oops! Too excited I guess. It's a Graphtec ce5000-60
  14. Thanks, Skeeter! I matched my com port settings and now SB is communicating with my Graphtec. I'm so happy! Yay! Do have one more minor issue, though - and I will look through the manual for the answer if you don't know, but; my graphtec rolled several feet of vinyl through before cutting my test piece. Is there a quick answer to adjusting that? In any case, thank you - thank you- thank you! Love you guys!