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    Vinyl Printing

    thanks i appreciate it
  2. airhead101

    Vinyl Printing

    is the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100 large format printer good for printing vinyl decals and i would also look in to getting a uscutter vinyl cutter or a roland cutter to cut the decals
  3. airhead101

    Waterslide Decals

    thanks for the website, is it true that factories use waterslide decals for their helmets
  4. airhead101

    vinyl decals

    the decals im looking for was submerged in water then applied, look at my previous post to see what im referring to
  5. airhead101

    Waterslide Decals

    does anybody know about waterslide decals, i was told that it was used on production motorcycle helmets
  6. airhead101

    vinyl decals

    What type of vinyl is used on motorcycle helmets
  7. airhead101

    Motorcycle Helmets

    i want to start doing decals for moto gp styled helmets and i would like to know whats the best vinyl for helmets, i saw this one video where they where they were apply decals in a factory and they had the decals sitting in water and i would like to know what type of material they were using for the decals and if it was vinyl what type of vinyl. here is the link 1. skip to 1:58 seconds2. skip to 4:10 secondsplease help, i plan on clear coating afterwards