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    I am a Celebrity Tattoo artist that travels from state to state. On my time off I enjoy working on my vinyl decal business. Also enjoy my sports cars :)
  1. Can someone help me make a outline fit to size? And maybe show me how? Thanks guys
  2. Hello I have a Gopro Hero 4 silver edition. I have a picture below of the template...but I can not get it to match the actual size to make a decal for my Gopro...Can someone help? I looked everywhere to get measurements and make this proper is to difficult for me to measure mine.
  3. tattooortiz

    Need a vector image!

    I realized for a kids room 5ft would be more then enough lol
  4. tattooortiz

    Need a vector image!

    yea I used a different image actually
  5. tattooortiz

    Need a vector image!

    I simply used the ruler image, outlined it, break apart all the other images, deleted all images except the ruler. Then grouped the ruler, used my ruler on my matt in scal 3 and stretched the ruler image to match the ruler on the matt.
  6. tattooortiz

    Need a vector image!

    never-mind I just figured it out LOL
  7. tattooortiz

    Need a vector image!

    Hello, I am looking for someone to make me a vector image of exact true measurements of a ruler in feet for a wall like this... I can not seem to figure out how to make it accurate. Can someone help? I want the ruler measurements in feet so I can add a design to it. From 2ft to 6ft. Thanks guys
  8. are right sir , thanks
  9. So this thread is as simple as the title! Check out the review and get to see and hear the Titan 3 running.
  10. The Roland Cut Studio is my favorite program I know that program the best....but Sure cuts a lot is to easy lol
  11. I will post a better review tonight on youtube, then pop it in here just for the guys that want to see the Titan 3 work.....its always fun to see video before you buy one
  12. Here is my Titan 3 review, it runs really good, better then that stepper Laserpoint II I had. Still miss my Roland gx-24
  13. I run mine about 10-20 hours a week so far.
  14. Thats what I thought....I thought these machines were pretty new, but someone said they are the same as a Saga cutter....I dont know lol
  15. I am running the titan 3 on my new 2015 iMac 21" machine and runs like a dream, not one issue getting it up and running perfectly!