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    Fine Art Printmaker - Curiously investigating my view of the world through image making, materials, processes and everything in between.
  1. IvyGal

    Vinyl not Cutting

    So, I ran another two vinyl files and I think I've figured it out, and its not the vinyl or the equipment, but the Silhouette Studio V4 software. I watched another run on V4 and saw that there were strips of uncut areas. this isn't uncommon, It is pretty standard on my files with very small, densely packed objects to cut. it skips areas and then comes back at the end to "fill them in." That's where the issue is happening, when it comes back to the uncut sections, for some reason it's cutting at a different force (?). The blade is clear so its not that. I reinstalled an older version of the software and ran a file through again... perfect. no bald spots or ghost cuts. Ran a second, still good. I'll also mention that I had mis aligned parts on other files when cutting with V4, also in areas where the cutter skips and comes back to fill in. so... old version for me.
  2. IvyGal

    Vinyl not Cutting

    Thanks All. I’m leaning toward a hardened compression spot. I usually store uptight. But after 2years they were shuffled around and then stacked flat in my flat storage shelves during a non-vinyl production period. I also realized they’re in the original boxes & if I rotate the box...that’s 4 inches. Absolutely possible that they were shifted in that time. I’ll save them for less detailed projects.
  3. IvyGal

    Vinyl that Looks like paint?

    Maybe plain chalkboard vinyl? I think it comes in colors.
  4. IvyGal

    Vinyl not Cutting

    *** Figured it out, Its the new software, not the vinyl*** Curious if anyone has encountered striations across the width of rolled Oracal 631 that don't cut properly? I suppose it could always be my machine or a software issue? But i suspect its the material. Issue: The striations are across the width, not down the yardage. It is also across the width of the cutter - not down the length of the cut (like might happen with an old cut strip or obstruction in the machine) The ghost of a cut is visible, but at weeding, I need to use the edge of a blade to get the cut to lift. I've been increasing my blade, but i'm cutting into the backing across the vinyl, except in these bald areas The striation is in a different place if i cut the file a second time. Seems to be happening at an interval of 4", 12", 4", 12"... but that's measured after the fact. Before cutting, i don't notice any issue. Little sketch is what I'm thinking is happening. Other Details: I'm using a Silhouette Cameo & Sil Business software newest V4. New Blade, Replaced Cut strip & Mat - still happening older vinyl. Purchased extra in Dec 2015, and didn't break into until now. Vinyl is used for a resist process since I'm using the negative and discard the "object" I use painters tape for speedy weeding, and a blade for tough spots or areas where the resist scrim are broken up. Ive been using this material & method for years over 100s of projects. Thank so much for your time and thoughts. I appreciate any feedback. Kgi