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    SummaCut D60 loading 6 inch width vinyl help?

    Hey everyone, thank you for the responses! I'm sorry that I didn't respond right away. I thought that I had set this thread up so I can see the responses, but clearly I didn't. And I have been busy doing other tasks for the company, but I'll try to respond to everyone that has replied to this post. Yes, both pinchers are on the the roller, at least to the best of my ability. The right one clicked when I placed it in the correct space. It's the left side I'm having difficulties with because in order to fit the width of material in, the left one when it clicks in is too far to the left for the material. I'll include some better pictures that should appear at the bottom of the post. Would I be able to check that in the Summacut Control program or the GoSign program? Or would be on the machine itself? I apologize for not knowing how to do this! The right pincher as far as I know is in the right spot as I heard a little click when I moved it, but I have a funny feeling the scanner on the right side of the machine may be out. I talked to one of the owners and apparently he thinks that as well. Even when I put the longer length material (around 28') and put it through the GoSign program, it'll put the job slightly to the left and won't use the material as effectively. I'll have to call Summacut and see what they can do to help. I'll check the blade and see if there's any gunk build-up, but I also could be using too much force. It was set to 150 gr, tried it on a job and it wasn't strong enough only for me to go up to 160 gr, which was probably the problem lol. So I'm going to set the gr to 155 gr and see what happens. It's a pretty thick vinyl, so that part is going to take me a bit to figure out what the best cutting pressure is. I'll have to look into the machine control and see if I can play with the width! I had no idea the machine could do that, but that's why I'm a newbie lol. When it comes to the third pincher, I'll see if we can either get one, or there could be a third pincher lying around somewhere. As you mentioned it's a pretty thick vinyl, and it might help keep the material from moving around all over the place. Thank you guys so much for your responses and advice!
  2. Hello everyone. I just started working for a new small business that manufactures fishing products (tackles, baits, etc). The partners are currently running it and asked me to try and learn how to use their SummaCut D60R for the time being until they get a warehouse person that knows more. Apparently the person before me was able to find a work around, but I have no idea how! And they didn't leave notes on it. Personally, size wise, I think it's too small to go through properly but idk. I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm trying my best. Essentially they want to be able to make the 6 inch material be able to work through the Summacut D60R, but when I try to load it, the vinyl material just moves around and doesn't cut properly and stops cutting all together. And when I try to move it around to fit better in the machine, the cutter either can't "find it" (has to scan for the size as I have no idea how to change this manually in the cutter control program), or it will scan it, but when I try to load the design to print, it says that the job is too small (which it isn't). I was wondering if you guys have any idea how I can make a work around? If not, that's okay too. I took a couple pictures to give you guys a better idea. If there isn't a work around, it's not that big of a deal as it sounds like the person before took awhile to figure it out. Thank you!