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Found 22 results

  1. Brian63

    20 Oz Skinny Tumblers

    Just wanted to say hello and that I'm a newbie to the forum. I have been sublimating items for over a year now and i decided to purchase a 20 Oz tumbler heat press (Craft Express). I'm struggling to find my sweet spot on time and temps. I have tried medium pressure and light pressure. Temp ranges from 365 - 356, and times from 75 seconds to 60 seconds while rotating the tumbler to get a full press. I get good color saturation (Hippo paper) but I'm getting tape transfer marks and strange imprints on the mugs. I also cover the tumblers with butcher paper before i press them. Every time I press a tumbler I feel like I'm burning up a ten dollar bill. Tumblers were bought through a local craft store so i don't know the brand name. I have included some pics for your viewing pleasure. Any suggestions, tips or hints that will bring me to that sweet spot will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. chris_unique1

    sublimation black turning brown

    I recently bought an epson wf2750 with an sublimation connection. I've been testing it out and it seems that the black after i press it to a shirt the black looks brownish. anyone know what this could be? i heard possibly pressing to long or too high heat.
  3. I have been searching for an answer on this for quite a few days.. I'm really at a loss what to try next to achieve a more solid print, with two different style mugs. Both are rendering close to the same results. My typical process: *Warm mug up before taping print over top* 400 degrees 180 Seconds Medium Pressure Mugs I am trying to print onto: (photos included) Cheaper mugs from Amazon Conde / Dyetrans "Mug11" Paper I have tried so far Texprint XPHR A-Sub Print settings I've tried: Regular Paper - Standard Quality Regular Paper - High Quality Premium Matte - Standard Quality Premium Matte - High Quality I print onto apparel, rock slates, and many other sublimated items just fine. Only mugs have been giving us troubles.. Any suggestions, we'd be very thankful! I've attached images to help show.
  4. bsosheriff

    HELLO New to forum

    Thank you for adding me. I am looking forward to learn from all of you since I am new to engraving but have been sublimating and using vinyl's for t-shirts and decals for 6 years. My biggest issue is finding out how I can either make an LED edge lit base or where I can purchase them at a good price.
  5. vezman71

    Sublimation costs

    I haven't gotten into sublimation yet...yet. But I do HTV to make youth baseball, softball, and tball jerseys every spring. I like the sumblimation better and would like to offer it to the league this spring; my son plays on travel ball that uses sublimation jerseys, and I really like them, as does he. What colors could I offer to sublimate on? Am I limited to white? or light colors? What would cost be to contract out the printing only on say 12-13 kids for 20-30 teams, for a 6" x 10" logo for the jersey? And would it be more cost effective to use HTV for the numbers or sublimation on both sides? I'm going to provide everything possible with the exception of the ink and the printer, I plan on laying out the logo's for the front and numbers etc. So, this person can just load paper and hit print.(I'm sure not that easy, but..) Thank you for any help as always. Fabian
  6. bh0307

    Ricoh GXE 3300n ink help

    I am new to this so any help would be good. I just got a Ricoh gxe 3300n printer . the woman I got it from said she use it for sublimation printing and it had 2 new ink cartridges but needed 2 more . I open it up and pulled out the 2 she said need to replace and order them , they were Ricoh Gc 31k and Gc31c . what I have been reading this ink is not for sublimation printing , if not what ink do I need and do I need to flush the hole system . Thanks
  7. JennD

    Hi from NY

    Hello Everyone! I am new to vinyl cutting & printing. I have over 10 years experience with wide format Sublimation printing. We currently have four Mimaki JV 300 64" Sublimation printers and a, new to us, Roland SP 540V VersaCamm. We are just starting to tinker with the Roland and the lovely solvent inks. The Roland is a cutting machine but it's slow compared to where we like to be ... which is or course fast! I'm glad to be here and will be very interested in learning from all of your shared knowledge as well as contributing any of my Sublimation information.
  8. verobee


    DOES ANYONE IS USING an epson wf-7620? i just bougth the printer and then the ink on inkxpro, im using the profile, higth quality everithing, teh pic came put perfect from printer but after heat press the tshhirt its too ligth, like half way the real color... 400 degres, 60 sec..., not sure what else i can do....TIA
  9. orbitgrfx

    Source for blank tiles?

    It's been awhile since I've posted here, but I'm having a problem finding a good to decent source for stone bisque tiles for a variety of projects. I'm most interested in 3 3/4" square tiles. The sources I've found via the web have all come up to be cost prohibitive, with a shipping surcharge that is trough the roof. Home Depot, forget it. Lowes, I found some good blanks there, but not the 3 3/4. Still, with that said, buying in bulk is still expensive for a decent profit to ensue. Online stores that deal in wedding/party favors have stone blanks for under .50 when buying in bulk, but their shipping is outrageous. Alibaba is a great source, however, a slow turn around, and the loop holes you must go through in order to get to them. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. galaxygraphics

    Ricoh Printer

    If I am wrong, please forgive me, but I believe Chromablast, and Sublimation is about the same thing, or close, isn't it? Anyway, I have two Ricoh printers, one set up for Sub, the other set up for Chromablast. They were in an office, when I went away for a while (no NOT jail!). The air conditioning was turned off, as well as the electricity. My question is, is there ANY way to clean the ink tubes out, or even replace them, or are the printers destroyed? Any help, or advise any one could offer, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, in advance for your help, and info! BTW, the temp was generally in excess of 90 degrees, and this has lasted for more than 45 days. I would guess that probably matters!
  11. Edward Sativa

    my first attempt at sublimation

    got my ciss set up. Didn't really find any good vids for help with set up. So watched a few and pieced them all together. Ran my first prints. Im excited. it's a learnibg process for sure. Apparently i cant upload photos cus thier too large. Bummer. Ill try to add to my gallery.
  12. Edward Sativa

    garage sign

    From the album: sublimation

  13. Edward Sativa


    From the album: sublimation

  14. Edward Sativa


    From the album: sublimation

  15. Edward Sativa

    first t shirt sub

    From the album: sublimation

    Baby bob
  16. Renee S


    Hey all! I'm a newbie with a couple of quick questions and would appreciate your feedback. I have a Ricoh 3110 currently using the Sublijet inks. I've been reading the threads and see where the Sawgrass patent has expired, so I'm on the hunt for replacement/refillable inks that aren't so crazy expensive. I see Cobra Inks mentioned a lot, but they appear to only be for Epson printers. Is this true, and if so, has anyone found a supplier for refillable inks for the Ricoh that they'd recommend? The other thing I could use feedback on is for a 2nd printer. I'd like to be able to do transfers to cotton, canvas etc and understand that a 2nd dedicated printer is more cost efficient in the long run. Which printer would be a good starter for this? I'm talking low volume and light to dark colored items. TIA
  17. Okay i know they put a little description on the webpage answering this. But could someone maybe go more into detail or do a "What is the difference between Chromablast-R Inks and SubliJet-R Inks?" for dummies lol I'm purchasing the Ricoh SG 3110DN today and just wanted some more info on which ink to purchase I'm using a new 15x15 heat press RIght now i'm using it to make shirts with Sister easy weed. What i'll be using the Sublimation for -Custom Phone cases -Shirts with the designs i come up with. -Possibly custom lanyards (but I'm thinking about doing the sister weed for these) I'm sorry about asking so many questions i just don't wanna make a mistake. I've searched around on the forums and i see such great work from everyone. Thanks for all the info!
  18. MadHatterGraphix

    Route 66 license plate

    From the album: Mad Hatter Graphix projects

    Sublimated white aluminum license plate with Mad Hatter Graphix design.
  19. xpfguy

    sublimation jobs

    sublimation on various items.
  20. galaxygraphics

    Chromoblast Issue?

    I have a Ricoh 3110, and I use Chromoblast paper. Does any one have any suggestions concerning the residual effect left after pressing. What I am trying to say is, when I print my graphic, and I apply it to the garment, not only do I get the image transferred, but also the ENTIRE outline of the transfer paper. It seems to have a "glue" effect (look) and feel to it. I generally do about 375F at about 50 or 55 lb of pressure. Also, while I am here, I will also point out that since I have a chinezee press, with NO way to gauge pressure, I bought myself a fisherman's scale that goes up to 50 lb, but it is a wrap around, and actually is quite accurate! I hook it to the handle, and pull down on the scale until it clamps down, while reading the scale! Am I a genius, er what? Ok, ok, it WASN'T entirely MY idea, but my 'ol lady is quite smart, after all, she DID chose ME for a boyfriend! Anyway, ANY suggestions, or help would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Hi, i just ordered High temp inks from cobra ink for sublimation on my epson wf-7510. Ive been having trouble getting the colors to look right. I installed their color profile but the colors still look light,faded and dull. My reds are pink and blacks are grey, other colors change as well. After I press thats when it changes the most, especially on mugs. High temp ink users please reply with your experiences or solutions. Thank you
  22. Hope someone can help me. I have been doing sublimation for about a month and I have everything figured out so far. I am now trying to do poly shirts and they are getting marks on them from the press plates. I have read that there is a foam available, but the order needs to be done by Monday, so I am not able to get the foam. Anyone have any suggestions?!?!?