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  1. Renee S

    Epson WF-7110 print quality

    I'm about done with this printer. Now, even though I'd managed to get it back to printing a nozzle check with only 3 or 4 missing spots with the Epson ink, I put the cobra cartridges in and now the machine won't recognize the cartridge. I'm not seeing any video or support for the 7110 on the cobraink site on how to get that specific model to recognize the cartridges. I've pulled and reset the battery, made sure the thing was seated completely, restarted the printer.... If someone could please give me some ideas I would appreciate it. At this point I'm about to chuck it in the trash.
  2. Renee S

    Epson WF-7110 print quality

    Thanks Madhatter. I'll do that as well when I get home later.
  3. Renee S

    Epson WF-7110 print quality

    Thanks. I wonder if it's cheaper to buy just the printhead assembly or a new printer. I did get a response from Richard this morning and he suggested putting the original Epson cartridges in and trying to get a clean print. I'm guessing if that works I may have clogged lines in the pigment cartridges.
  4. Renee S

    Epson WF-7110 print quality

    So the 5x I've already done it isn't enough?
  5. Renee S

    Epson WF-7110 print quality

    Alright - I need some help. I'm about to throw in the towel on this one. I ordered the clog buster from Cobra and watched Richard's video on this so many times I think I've got it memorized. After doing the clog buster my printer is printing WORSE than it did before. Before clog buster it wasn't applying the colors evenly on designs, and the nozzle check had one line missing. After doing the clog buster - extremely carefully to not get the solution all over the place, and running 4 nozzle checks already, I'm barely getting any lines in any colors. I figured it would take a few checks and cleanings but its getting worse instead of better. Can anyone help me out? I'll post whatever pic's, try whatever someone would think works, just to get his giant, expensive paperweight to WORK.
  6. If you still need this, ck out the fb group for Singer Futura fans or Futura Embroidery. Neither allow members to post that their business info, but if you look through either group you'll figure out who you can pm to ask for help. I have an embroidery machine myself, but am too intimidated by it to use it, lol.
  7. Renee S

    Epson WF-7110 print quality

    Thanks for the replies. We don't have the clog buster on hand, so I'll look up some homemade cleaners. Hopefully it works. Every time we've run the maintenance trying to fix this, I hear cha-ching$$$$ in my head.
  8. Hi there-- Need some advice for an issue we're having with our WF-7110 printer. See the pic at this link. We can't get the streaks to go away in the Cyan, and a nozzle check gives us a hole in the same spot. We've cleaned, nozzle checked, re-primed etc repeatedly over the last 2 days and can't get this fixed. Cobra is closed for the weekend and we've got 3 shirts we need to finish up for tomorrow. Does anyone have any advice? TIA
  9. Renee S

    Print to plastic?

    I'm curious. I've seen the videos on how to apply designs to metal or stainless water bottles. How do you do this to plastic without using heat? I currently use vinyl and hate it because the vinyl is easily damaged. Is this screenprinting, or ...? Searching youtube shows large volume operations which doesn't apply to me. I've attached an example of what I'm trying to get to.
  10. Renee S

    Hello everyone, chad here.

    Welcome from Utah!
  11. Renee S

    Hello from Las Vegas Newbie

  12. Renee S

    Newbie from Texas

    Welcome from Utah!
  13. Renee S

    pigment v dye ink on banners

    Murphy's Law, lol. The Charlotte event is an hour from my old house. Thanks for the resource though; I'm going to bookmark the site and keep an eye out.
  14. Renee S

    pigment v dye ink on banners

    I'll ck out what I can find for tradeshows. Thanks for the info and the advice everyone. I definitely appreciate your patience with my questions.
  15. Renee S

    pigment v dye ink on banners

    Right now I've got a Ricoh with Sublijet ink. Looking at picking up an Epson with CIS from Cobra. Sending my designs is an option, but if I could do it myself I'd prefer it. Something about instant gratification when those 130am ideas hit, lol.