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  1. you think i would be able to do this with my sublimation printer? I've been interested in making some shirts with my sub printer but I'm not exactly sure how the steps go
  2. I have a local friend of mine that is starting a clothing line and asked if i could get him some shirts made up. I usually use www.Proworld.com and just order screen printed transfers this is the design I'm not sure on the quantity yet i would need two sets thou, one set the guy and words are black (for white shirts) and another set with the guy and words in white (for black shirts) Im thinking on the size 10'x10' would be a good size.
  3. Fatboy

    Thanks Fed Ex...

    I'm actually a little upset with us cutter at the moment, I needed some sister weed and some banners for a show I'm getting ready for. They ship same day if ordered before a certain time which is usually why I love to order from them. Ordered on a Tuesday didn't get shipped out till Thursday afternoon. (This was before they posted a "shipping delay alert" on the site) Ended up just ordering from another company. I guess I'll just use the stuff from UScutter as a spare banner or somethin.
  4. you know what lol literally a few moments after i posted this i was thinking that the clear tape was thicker. i figured since i went ahead and uploaded a pic and everything i would just leave it in case anyone else made the same mistake lol
  5. The bigger roll is Clear Choice AT75 and its about 2 weeks old i've used at least 8 yards of it so far. the smaller roll is Conform series 4076-RLA brand new just opened the box right now. now my question is wouldn't the new roll of 4076 be bigger then my old roll of AT75 or am i just crazy? RTape Clear Choice AT75 - General Purpose Clear High-Tack Application Tape - TOP RTape Conform Series 4076-RLA - High-Tack Application Tape with RLA - BOTTOM
  6. Fatboy

    Best Iphone cases

    I get all mine from Coastal and they work great.
  7. Fatboy

    What are the better Transfer Tapes?

    oh you tape the corners down, sorry i read that wrong lol
  8. Fatboy

    What are the better Transfer Tapes?

    Is that available through us cutter?
  9. Fatboy

    What are the better Transfer Tapes?

    Im using R-tape 4076 with RLA and my corners keep peeling like this, can anyone give me some insight to it?
  10. Fatboy

    Second time is a charm

    I like the way that turned out!
  11. Fatboy

    Wood grain Gripping

    Another angle
  12. Fatboy

    Wood grain Gripping

    Started sublimation about 2 weeks ago and already in love with doing it! Sold this case to one of my customers last night, Wood Grain Galaxy 4. there isn't any lines or weird ghosting thats just my reflection lol
  13. Can't wait to get them iPhone 6 cases! Been itching to make em.
  14. Fatboy

    thank you

    You personally helped me out with my pricing, That was almost a full year ago and I've been using it as my pricing calculator ever since, thanks man. Also Dakota has helped me out very much as well. Thanks guys.
  15. Fatboy

    First time Sublimating.

    I already contacted him a little while ago! Pretty excited to be getting into Sublimating.