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  1. Edward Sativa

    printing question

  2. Edward Sativa

    First hat

    I got too much play with my cap press. Don't want to crease it
  3. Edward Sativa

    How to print on heat transfer

    How well does the ink hold up after wash?
  4. Working with decals, sublimation, or azs etching. Are there any issues with cipyrights when doing a parody of a logo? Something that references a team or brand, but altered in an original way..
  5. Has anyone had any experience with manipulating cactus wrap? I was thinking of making it so it's adjustable for glass with different circumferenceS to accommodate a couple of different sizes.
  6. Edward Sativa

    printing question

    Have no proplem printing images downloaded, or stuff i work with in my ipad. But for some reason uploaded a photo from my nikon and when i tried to print the image came out black??? Using epson workforce 30. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Edward Sativa

    sublimation here i come!

    Got a few testers out of the way. Some came out amazing. but now looks like im getting some lines on the print. Any suggestions?
  8. Edward Sativa

    first sublimation

    Thanks. Thats a great idea! Will be doing that to improve!
  9. Edward Sativa

    first sublimation

    My first attempt at sublimation. Did some socks, shirts, and signs.http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/gallery/album/233-sublimation/
  10. Edward Sativa


  11. Edward Sativa

    my first attempt at sublimation

    got my ciss set up. Didn't really find any good vids for help with set up. So watched a few and pieced them all together. Ran my first prints. Im excited. it's a learnibg process for sure. Apparently i cant upload photos cus thier too large. Bummer. Ill try to add to my gallery.
  12. Edward Sativa

    Transfer Paper for Aluminum blanks

    Answering my question before i have to ask. Nice!
  13. Edward Sativa

    Cheap promotional Lighters

    Whoa. Yea i saw that link for those lighter before and couldnt believe it! Just went through a mock order for 5 lighters. Curious what the actual total would be on it. Came out to $10 for 5 lighters! That's insanely cheap! Has anyone had experience with ordwring from this place?