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  1. galaxygraphics

    Have I met the limits of my LPII

    There are 2 pinch rollers at the top of the blade carriage, under the "lid", that got loose, on MY LPII, and it did the same thing. Lift the lid, and look at the thumb screws, and see if they are loose, or as in MY case, one of them had actually fallen OFF! I tightened those up, and it works like new!
  2. galaxygraphics

    Help converting to Vector

    It won't load. But thanks, anyway! I'll work on it, and see what I can do. It is an HTM file, and I can't get SCALP4 to open it. nobody cares.htm
  3. galaxygraphics

    Help converting to Vector

    Can someone please help me convert this? I gotta have a few of these! nobody cares.htm
  4. galaxygraphics

    2008-2015 F-150 Template

    A wrap template? Window tint? Specifically what kind of template?
  5. galaxygraphics

    Memphis TN bridge

    That is SWEET! Good job!
  6. galaxygraphics


    I need some one to cut and apply a vector on some baseball caps. I have the vector, and need it in hunter orange. I had someone that did them for me, but for whatever reason, they refuse to answer my calls. I will supply the caps, and the vector, all I need is cut, and applied! Thank you, in advance, for your assistance!
  7. galaxygraphics


    I am looking for someone to do about 3 dozen caps. I have the vector, and will have the caps shipped to your location. Of course, I will pay all shipping. My name is Jim, and my number is 870--351-1217. I had someone that WAS doing them, but apparently, they aren't interested, or are no longer in business! Thanks in advance, for any help!
  8. galaxygraphics

    Units of measurement

    Can anybody tell me why my measurement units are in MM? No matter what I do, when I change it to inches, when I start using it, it ALWAYS converts back to MM. Everything was working fine, the last time I used it, but this time, it opened up in MM, and I can't change it! Any suggestions, at all? Thanks in advance for your time and effort! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  9. galaxygraphics

    Sublimated Softball Jerseys

  10. galaxygraphics


    I need a dozen caps ran. I don't care if it is Chromablast, or HTV. I can supply the caps, and I have (own) the copyright. I have it in vector format, and it is ready to cut, or print. Text only, no graphic, single color. (hunter orange font, on a camo cap) Thanks in advance for any help! Have a good week! Jim @ 870-351-1217
  11. galaxygraphics


    Thank you everyone! I have a few good days, and a few bad ones. But, I have great back up! I really do appreciate everyone being so patient. I guess this was a childish, or rookie question, but I couldn't remember the answer! But I got it now!!! Thanks, again!
  12. galaxygraphics


    That's what I say, Dakota. Since my TIA's, I can't remember much, and it seems to be getting worse!
  13. galaxygraphics


    I tried SCALP, but not much there, I am on my way to inkscape, and stopped in here! Thanks guy, and gals! all of ya are great!
  14. galaxygraphics


    Can anyone tell me how to do this? Also, what is this font, if anyone knows. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
  15. galaxygraphics

    What I've been up to...

    Would/could you share the "walking" file? Or, if you'd rather would you sell a white one? I'm not a fan, but my baby sister really is!