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    Best approach to Vinyls (Marketing Promos) on pots?

    The pots do have a glazed coating so theoretically, that would work. However, it would be nice to have this done in-house given the shipping expenses of having a 3rd party do this. Any suggestions for doing it ourselves? I will look at the ZooPrinting as an option though thank you @slice&dice
  2. Hi, I've been building a corporate gifting company for a few years now. We have scaled a lot. We offer to put company logos on our ceramic pots. The pots are typically 4inches and we will receive orders for 100+ gifts for one single client. We have been printing the logos on acrylic print paper and using adhesive to put them on. This works but it takes way too much time and costs of labor are too high to justify. Unfortunately, we are still small and can't afford a $12,000 printer, etc. Somebody mentioned in a previous forum to cut the logos using a 28' SC2 Cutter. However, I have no experience in this so if anyone knows a method a walk-through would be amazing. Does anyone have any advice or a good approach to put logos on our pots at scale? Ideally in a price range of $500-$2000. Thanks it means a lot!