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  1. Thanks Wildgoose, you're the man (figuratively in case you're actually not ). Yes, I did use live paint.Yes, the lines within the text are to create a beveled look. I've seen live paint used often as a tool to remove lines (cuts) that were needed to make and overlap items in a design, but where in the actual cut chopped solid objects up. So I used it to make objects solid as I wanted them not as required to build or maintain a shape. That, or to just nib off the errant straggling line. Is there a better way to tidy up for cutting? Sometimes without live paint you remove a single line and an entire object collapses. So, WAY closer (Thank you!), but why it it dragging out these lines still?
  2. I'm using CS5 as well. I tried to upload the AI file but it said it was too big. I'll try again. Looks like the only way I can save it is as a PDF maintaining AI editing. Hope that doesn't change much. The AI file is like 1018Kb so just over the limit and I don't know how to make it smaller. Vectorized Logo.pdf
  3. Here is a screen shot of it in various modes. The last image is what SCALP is seeing.
  4. hm, doesn't look like it uploaded. Trying again. Vectorized Logo.svg
  5. I will try and attach the file. I'm sure it's something simple. If you look the part that is missing is actually outside of the mountain area. It's going to be airbrushed onto plexi so the bottom of the mountain doesn't really exist. it just fades of. The cut line is just there to expose the area but not the surrounding area. Thanks for the input.
  6. In Outline mode of AI my image looks fine. When i export it to SCALP it loses part of the image (and distorts some lines). I notice if use "expand" in AI I get the same loss. I upgraded to the newest version of SCALP but I don't think that's it. What's going on and how can I fix it. I need this file ASAP for a job.
  7. tried SVG, SVG compressed. I tried saving it with every option AI had to save it in. SCAP didn't even recognize some of the files and the ones it did had the same distortions . I contacted the customer support so we'll see if they respond and what they say.
  8. I'll see when I get home. I am using CS5 as well. It seems to be distorting a lot of files, not just this one. They are small sized files since it's for an RC car but why most paths are good and some distorted is still a mystery. I tried saving the in AI last night in every file type available and either SCAP couldn't read it or the same errors were present. This occurred on two totally different files. Probably not something there is an easy answer too. I'll have to get over on the other forum and see what they say since that is where the developers are.
  9. treid downlaoding and istalling that file, still same issues. What file type do you guys use to go from AI to SCAP? Guess I'll post up on there forum too.
  10. No, it actually cuts it like it is, with the distortions. Is there an optimal file type to "save as" in AI for importing to SCAP? Have not done the updates, will look at that now.
  11. man, this is frustrating. Spend hours in AI to create something and the SCAP distorts it. Happened on another pattern. Seriously making me consider this purchase. Is US cutter aware of this? Guess I'll need to post in the other area about compliants and comments.
  12. IPT

    Cut directly from AI?

    Thanks WIldgoose. Getting some milage now out of AI. Learning the tools and shortcuts in a manner I can sort of function in it now. Now an issue I'm having is after I save the file when I import it to SCAP there are some distortions, a missing path, or I can't view the paths at all. Posted a thred in the SCALP area but no dice so far. Have you ever had any issues with that going from AI to SCALP? Any solution?
  13. I have an Illustrator file that is perfect in Illustrator's Outline mode. When i import it SCAP distorts some of the paths and even leaves one out. ANother file also perfect in Illustrator when I open it it's blank with no visible paths. Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions? I've already tried opening and closing both programs, even restarted the computer. I also made a tiny modification to the distorted line just to see if it would recalculate and draw it properly but it didn't (though when I removed the buldging path it did reflect that it was removed - though when I put it back correctly it distorted it upon import again).
  14. Thanks guys. No, I didn't try to apply first and then weed. Might try that. I did notice that the more bold simple Type had less issue than the fancy one. Might need to either choose a different type of go a little larger in size. Hm, does the Silhouette really cut more finely? As for the blade placement...you just drop it in the holder right? There is no need to have it pointing one way or another right? Also I notice that when I tighten it down the entire holder seems to lean a bit off to one side. If I keep it loose where it remains totally vertical it feels like it would not stay down once the machine started pushing it into the vinyl.
  15. So I am using the MH 721 and am having some trouble getting some small type done. It's about 1/4" tall. Maybe I am pushing the limits of the machine. When I try and weed it the letters just pull up really easy as I try and peel back the extraneous vinyl. I need to poke them and hold them down with an Xacto as I peel back the other vinyl. I can see a light indentation on the backing so I think I am cutting deep enough. I'm very new at this though so I don't know it is my settings, the type, the vinyl, or if I just need to set the blade to cut a little more deeply. If anyone has any input or suggestions I'm all ears. Thanks!