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  1. Hi, I have an older vinyl cutter that I got from a friend and am trying to get to work. I can not get a test cut to work on the cutter which is the step i need to do before i even try to connect it to any software. The manual says if it happens I should do this The PEN MODE LED and POWER/ERROR LED blink simultaneously This flashes if the location of the pinch rollers is not correct (that is, if the pinch rollers are not positioned above the grit rollers). If DIP switch SW-9 on the CM-24 is set to ON (piece material) and material with a vertical length of 100 mm (3-15/16") or less has been loaded, or if SW-9 is set to ON and there is no material over the front and rear paper sensors. You can cancel the error by pressing the SETUP key. Refer to "3-5 Loading the Material" to load the material correctly 12:00 i have the SW-9 switch on and my piece of vinyl is 24'' long it is also positioned over the leftmost grit roller correctly according to the pictures in the manual. I watched a lot of youtube videos on this and it seems like I am doing everything right. I attached a video of me doing it in case it helps. 20200808_111053.mp4