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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm having the hardest time setting up my vinyl cutter. It's a MH 871-mk2 and in useing the cutting promgram it came with, Vinyl Master. Im also useing the vinyl it came with which is GreenStar, not sure if that vinyl is any good or how it compares to 3M. I bought the cutter brand new off of Amazon. I keep adjusting the blade height (I can barley see it) and testing the cuts on scrap vinyl to make sure im only cutting the vinyl film and not the backing paper. When i feel like i got the right height, i set the blade in the machine and do a few test cuts but it continually only cuts a few lines fine and the other lines become almost perforated. Im only trying to cut squares and doing "Test" cuts to get the machine dialed in. Ive also been adjusting the offset and cant seem to get any better. Ive been ranging from very low pressures and speed to gradually increasing to find the best setting, still nothing though. What is my problem?? I know this cutter is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to vinyl cutters, but i only bought it as a hobby use/begginer cutter. I plan on upgrading later on once i get more of a handle of using it.
  2. cant make it work on my windows 10
  3. Hello; I own a Graphtec Cutting Pro FC4100-75 My problem is when turned on, cutter motor starts up, top left light is solid green, then will not go further, the screen remains clear of any info or options except for faint grey dots. I have tried unplugging for a few hours, also turning off and on while holding up arrow or down arrow. Still nothing. Manual only suggest possible ROM or RAM issue. I wrote Graphtec and they suggested "If the screen is clear and the machine is on then it could either be a mainboard or an LCD issue." I have attached a photo. There are faint dots when turned on, so would that mean the LCD is OK?. Jobs spool and complete (I use signlab) on the PC running it. If anyone knows of this problem can help point me in direction or add insight I would be greatly appreciated.
  4. houstonwehaveaproblem

    Issues with Titan 2

    I have an email in with us cutters right now, just waiting on a reply. While I wait I would like to find out if anyone else has been experiencing the same issues. I am not new to vinyl cutters, I have been using them the last few years so this isn't my first set up. I followed all the directions on start pdf too, just to be on the safe side. Up until last week I have been using a laser point 2, with SCAL3 e Now on with the problem. the machine is set up. I have vinyl master installed. correct driver is installed. I open an SVG saved from AI, try to cut and it does not cut correctly, it is 2'x2' and instead of cutting across the cutter it is making small cuts at the origin then spooling 2' of material and making a few small cuts and bouncing back and fourth. I cancel the cut try and rotate the image a few different times and nothing is working. I then say screw it and let it go. after about 8-10 minutes in the cutter starts to overlap the image and I have to cancel the cut. I try tracing the image in vinyl master and I get the same effect. keep in mind this is the same file I've used in SCAL over the past year on the laser point. I try all the calibration options in vinylmaster multiple times. I give up with vinylmaster and open SCAL 3. I load the Titan 2 into "my cutter" and bring up a SCAL file that I always use and know it to work on the laser point. The cut order is much better and it seems like it is cutting smoothly. The issue is when I go to weed my project there are gaps in some areas and overlap in others. I cut a second sheet before I picked the first, the second has the same issues however the gaps and overlaps are not in the same place. they are located in different areas. I am beginning to think it is the offset of the cutter or possibly the cutter is a lemon... I'm not sure, hopefully USC will fix me up and I can get back to business. If anyone else has any tips Please help me out. Being without my vinyl cutter feels very weird, and I have orders coming in that I have to refuse or have an extremely log wait time.
  5. Hi guys/gals. I have been having problem with Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 3. First of all it was working fine and suddently stops undoing. I hit Ctrl+Z or go to the Undo menu and it reverts the action in the letters, but nothing happens in the cutting mat. I unistalled it several times and cleaned my machine, but nothing seems to help. I also installed the new updates to the current version, still no luck. I have been working like that no problem, but it is anoying that I can't undo. It also started to cut smaller than the design, but I think I found the thread where someone figure out to calibrate the plotter. I'll be trying that. BTW, My cutter is the US cutter's Laser Point 2. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. mstrachan

    US Cutter MH 721 went dead

    I was cutting some vinyl when my cutter went dead. I post a video of the symtoms after it went bad. It makes this tapping noise and the lights flicker. Can this be fixed or do i need another cutter. What do you guys recommend. Here is the video
  7. Hello, My cutter is not working. The display panel is blank and all the button I press makes the offline/pause green light up. It was working fine before. Help!