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    Issues with Titan 2

    I work full time not vinyl. So calling is out of the question till Monday. I do have an email in with USCUTTER. Waiting on a reply. Thought I would try here and see if anyone else experienced this. It's easier to check my messages and email than to wait 30-1 hour trying to talk to someone when I'm not next to my machine.
  2. houstonwehaveaproblem

    Issues with Titan 2

    I used scal with my laserpoint the last few years. Just upgraded to the Titan 2 and vinyl master. I imported a graphic into vinyl master. I tried a svg, tried to trace the image from a png, also tried using an Adobe illustrator file. They imported fine. Looked good in the program. Did not cut well. I tried recalibrating the machine numerous times with no success I opened my old scal software, loaded an old project which works 100% on the laserpoint and does not work on the Titan. From what it looks to me it is the machine.
  3. houstonwehaveaproblem

    Issues with Titan 2

    I have an email in with us cutters right now, just waiting on a reply. While I wait I would like to find out if anyone else has been experiencing the same issues. I am not new to vinyl cutters, I have been using them the last few years so this isn't my first set up. I followed all the directions on start pdf too, just to be on the safe side. Up until last week I have been using a laser point 2, with SCAL3 e Now on with the problem. the machine is set up. I have vinyl master installed. correct driver is installed. I open an SVG saved from AI, try to cut and it does not cut correctly, it is 2'x2' and instead of cutting across the cutter it is making small cuts at the origin then spooling 2' of material and making a few small cuts and bouncing back and fourth. I cancel the cut try and rotate the image a few different times and nothing is working. I then say screw it and let it go. after about 8-10 minutes in the cutter starts to overlap the image and I have to cancel the cut. I try tracing the image in vinyl master and I get the same effect. keep in mind this is the same file I've used in SCAL over the past year on the laser point. I try all the calibration options in vinylmaster multiple times. I give up with vinylmaster and open SCAL 3. I load the Titan 2 into "my cutter" and bring up a SCAL file that I always use and know it to work on the laser point. The cut order is much better and it seems like it is cutting smoothly. The issue is when I go to weed my project there are gaps in some areas and overlap in others. I cut a second sheet before I picked the first, the second has the same issues however the gaps and overlaps are not in the same place. they are located in different areas. I am beginning to think it is the offset of the cutter or possibly the cutter is a lemon... I'm not sure, hopefully USC will fix me up and I can get back to business. If anyone else has any tips Please help me out. Being without my vinyl cutter feels very weird, and I have orders coming in that I have to refuse or have an extremely log wait time.