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  1. hello but i have another question, i used to use my expert 24 with corel, with this jaguar will it not be possible? thanks
  2. Thanks a lot! im in brownsville tx right now!!! i have the software, but windows 7 doesn't recognize the device, it just recognize usb-printing, but never relates it to the cutter! weird! I cut in corel directly!!
  3. hello, i have just go a panther (or jaguar II-61) from vinyl express (used) from ebay but i have tried everything to get it to work using windows and usb, but i cant when i try to install the drivers, it ask me to change the usb mode to common usb (from gcc usb) but this model doesn't have under misc the option to change it (as on the jaguar 2 manual) anyone can help me? does any one knows how to change the usb mode on this cutter? maybe it need a firmware upgrade, 1.2 actual, or can anyone help me? thanks alot