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  1. How do I determine my current driver? Is it the name that is listed under device manager for the port? I didnt make notes when I was installing them because I wasnt sure that it was going to work until it did. I believe the driver I used was Prolific Serial to USB.
  2. [quote name=Mz SKEETER' Mz SKEETER, on 09 November 2012 - 01:44 PM, said: Sounds like your sending too much info at 1 time. Cutters only have so much memory. And after cutting, you need to turn off the cutter, and dump the info, before cutting again. The option to set packet size is in Cut/plot -> Properties -> Default Job Properties Default job properties is located in the bottom left of the dialog that pop's up after you click properties from the Cut/Plot menu.
  3. Does anyone have any insight as to why I must restart the PC after every job sent to the plotter? (Flexi 7.5, Win XPsp3, Serial to USB, Seiki SK-870) This issue just started happening over the past 3-4 days. Though, it would happen intermentently over the past 8-9 months, once a week or so. I run about 50 jobs a week. It was annoying before, and now it's costing money/time. *update* When I attempt to send the second job to the plotter (after the first one has completed) the Production Manager says 'cutting... 0%' and remains at zero percent.
  4. I wouldnt even use a vista machine to keep me warm in the winter. XP and 7. This Flexi is running on XPsp3.
  5. Yes, I have begun to do that since your first post in this thread. It does not appear to make a noticable difference. I must still restart the pc. I have also attempted to restart Flexi, ProdManager, re-open. No luck there. I have also killed the processes and re-enabled the device in the device manager - this still does not make a difference. I have been forced to restart the pc for the past 3-4 days.Running XP sp3
  6. Its running serial to USB. It was the only way I found that got the plotter cutting. I began working for this company in May 2012 and one of my first jobs was to see if I could get this plotter to work. Im still nub to the tech side of this industry (though I am a major tech nerd). Please enlighten me.*update* It is not "serial-to-usb" I suppose. The cord that comes out of the seiki has a usb on the end of it. I used some open source USB controller to get the device manager to recognize the plotter on COM4. This forum is where I located someone with a similar issue and kind of 'winged' it from there to get the plotter cutting.
  7. Okay, the problem of the cuts not cutting to 100% completion has been alleviated. Though, I still must restart my pc and plotter between each job. What is the proper forum ettiqute here? Should I create a new post? Issue: Must restart pc between cuts/jobs. (searching the forum for previous post regarding this issue, and links would be appreciated).
  8. *UPDATE* It appears you were correct Mz SKEETER. Im going to run a for more cuts and see if I continue to have issues. Though, at least this time the production manager completed the job to 100% and the plotter hasn't freaked out yet. Im on my second round of cuts with the reduced job size. Thank you very, very much.
  9. I have seen the option for PACKET SIZE and believe it is currently set to 1000kb, but I am currently unable to locate the option for this. I did look around in the CUT/PLOT dialog, and checked in the PROPERTIES as well, but still can not locate this. I will continue looking.
  10. The total job size is only 4ft x 24in. Based on previous experience it seems unreasonable that im crashing the memory, but based on the fact that the cut is stalling at 83% ive had a hunch it may be memory. Im reducing the cut (job) to 4ft by 12in and will post an update as soon as I have more info. Thank you - this is a wonderful forum.
  11. I am using a Seiki SK-870. Yes, I repeat the text bc I have had issues re-using the send in the production manager. As for the reboot, since this issue began i am REQUIRED to reboot everytime. If I try (without restarting plotter and pc) to send to the production manager from the art board the production manager states the new job as 'Ready' - and the previous job is stuck at 83% so the new job never begins. If I cancel/abort/delete the 83% job - the new job status changes from `ready` to `write port error`. Thank you for any further insight. ------------------------------------------------------ I would like to add. If I close the production manager and try to send a 'new' job without restarting the pc the cut/plot box no longer shows my plotter in the drop down menu. But the device manager still shows my device connected. If I open production manager and try to send a job it shows the progress bar moving but the plotter does not react (no communication). Thank you again for any attention in this matter.
  12. I have been using Flexi 7.5 for years and have never had this problem. I will begin a cut that is six lines of text. When the cut get's sent, the production manager shows the percentage of completion. It stops processing at 83%. I get 5 complete lines of text properly cut and one line that does not cut completely. As well, if I must restart my computer if I want to send another cut. The production manager will say 'write port error'. I have ensured that my baud rates all match (on the plotter, the driver (device manager), and the production manager. (as stated in http://forum.uscutte...ite-port-error/ pinned post). It was set properly, and has always been set this way. I also lowered my buffer settings to assist in alleviating communication errors. 1 out of 10 cuts with aforementioned 6 lines of text will be erradic. The plotter seems to just go haywire and will cut a straight line until I tell it to stop (reset manually - or - exit production manager). Sometimes the line is vertical sometimes it is horizontal (and the plotter reaches the edge of the plot surface and attempts to continue heading in that direction). Does anyone else have any experience with this issue? Please respond with any information you believe may be relevant to my current issue. I still need to cut those 6 lines of text about 200 more times. *sigh* /dyndes